How to get the Boom Chat Kalaka achievement in Stray

Move over AirBud, there's a new talent in town.

Image via BlueTwelve Studio/Annapurna Interactive

There are many things to do as a cat in Stray, and pushing things off of ledges is one of them. But sometimes, the game will ask you to push things into a particular spot.

For the Boom Chat Kalaka achievement, you’ll need to find a basketball to push off a ledge and into a bin. Several basketballs are hiding around the map, but the easiest place to find and accomplish this achievement is right at the location when you first get into the meat of the story.

To the right of the Guardian when you enter the slums, there will be a basketball and a ledge. After you finish talking to the Guardian, you can find it quickly and complete the achievement. It can be difficult to get the ball into the net if you’re going at full speed, so slow down your speed when you approach the ball and hit it into the bin below to get the achievement.

Screengrab via BlueTwelve Studio

If you miss the first time and can’t recover it to get it into the bin, don’t worry, there will be more opportunities to get it in since the ball resets every once in a while. You can’t manually save the game yourself to restart it, but you can go back to the last checkpoint to try it again, which should be pretty easy to do since speaking to the Guardian adds a checkpoint.

This means that if you attempt to get a basket right after you speak with the Guardian and miss, you should be able to just jump back a few seconds to the last checkpoint and try it until you get it in. Once you do, you’ll get the Boom Chat Kalaka achievement for your trophy or Steam achievement collection.