How to complete The Night side quest ‘peer into darkness’ in Cult of the Lamb

You'll be able to score powerful rewards from completing these tasks.

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Cult of the Lamb has many quests with great rewards, but one of the best is The Night side quest “peer into darkness.”

This quest, as the name suggests, must be completed during the night and can be done around the island without entering any dungeons. Because of this, you can do it at any time once you’ve unlocked all of the locations.

While it’s easy, there is a big cost to completing it and getting the reward of a holy talisman. Once you’ve got a holy talisman, you can exchange it for a Fleece that will grant you bonuses inside dungeons.

Here’s everything you need to know so that you can complete this mission and score your bonuses.

How to complete The Night side quest “peer into darkness”

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To complete The Night side quest “peer into darkness,” you’ll want to visit four different locations around the map and do exactly as it says: peer into the darkness.

These locations can be found at different places in the hub world, the first of which is by the water at the end of the bridge at Pilgrim’s Passage. Once you peer into the darkness, you’ll need to retrieve a fish to gift.

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The second can be found on the left side of the decoration store at Spore Grotto. You’ll need to sacrifice one of your followers to the man and you’ll be gifted a quarter of the holy talisman.

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The third can be found at the edge of the bridge on the right-hand side of Smuggler’s Sanctuary. You’ll either sacrifice half of a heart or two followers for this talisman fragment, so if you’re picking them, make sure you’re choosing members of your village that you can do without.

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And the last of these side quests can be located in Midas’ cave behind the tent on the right-hand side. The last deal you’ll make is to sacrifice Ratau. Once you do this, you’ll get the final talisman fragment and a new follower form. But, of course, it does come at a hefty price.