Dead Cells roadmap for 2022 and 2023 unveiled

The developer says 2023 will be the "most exciting year" in Dead Cells history.

Image via Motion Twin

Developer Motion Twin now revealed the new official roadmap for its roguelike game, Dead Cells, covering the content coming to the title this year and the next.

The roadmap begins with the release of update 30 this summer. This update introduced the Panchaku weapon which can help players deal critical damage to the enemies in the front. Some balancing changes are also arriving soon, though Motion Twin is still quiet about the specifics of the item balancing it is working on.

For fall this year, a Boss Rush mode is coming to Dead Cells. This game mode lets you “fight all the bosses you’ve met so far, one after the other, with unlockables to win as you progress.” A scoreboard will also be included in Boss Rush to “add a bit of friendly competition.” Motion Twin mentioned that it is still “TBD,” reminding everyone to “don’t take anything said here as set in stone.”

Motion Twin also revealed that there will be another update coming to the game this winter while describing 2023 as the “most exciting year in Dead Cells history!” The studio claims that it is not “slowing down” and will be “stepping things up.”

“What we’re getting at here is that we’re very much in the mid-life of Dead Cells,” Motion Twin said in a statement. “We’re not sneaking out at night to get drunk on street corners anymore, but we’ve still got plenty of life in us before our knees start to give in, so prepare yourselves for more Dead Cells content.”