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When does Hollow Knight: Silksong come out?

The depths call.

Hollow Knight is one of indie gaming’s biggest hits, with a global fanbase constantly scuttling around and enjoying the 2017 Metroidvania. Now, after an extended period of silence, Hollow Knight: Silksong is set to follow it up with a new chapter in the story. 

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Announced back in 2019, Hollow Knight: Silksong was originally going to be DLC for the first game before Team Cherry expanded the project into a new title. When we saw an extended look at its gameplay in June 2022, fans were hyped, though Silksong was eventually delayed out of a 2023 release. Now, for those looking to get into the bug-based action, here’s everything we know about Hollow Knight: Silksong’s launch.  

What is the Hollow Knight: Silksong release date?

A promotional image for Hollow Knight: Silksong.
And thus, we wait. Image via Team Cherry

Even with hype for the game constantly circulating, there is no exact release date for Hollow Knight: Silksong. We have never had a solid release date for the game, though we did, at one point have a release window.

Following a June 2022 Xbox showcase, the platform’s social media accounts stated that every game featured within was going to be released in “the next 12 months.” That was the first real timeframe we ever had for Hollow Knight: Silksong’s release, though Team Cherry later delayed it in May 2023 despite originally aiming to launch Silksong in the first half of the year. 

Since then, we have received no additional information about Silksong or its upcoming release. Surrounding events, like new figures being released, have led to speculation about a 2024 re-reveal and potential release date, but no concrete dates have been given yet.

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