You can now pre-purchase Hearthstone’s next solo adventure, Tombs of Terror

It's almost time to find some treasure.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Hearthstone PvE fans, rejoice—it’s time to get back on the grind. You can now pre-order Hearthstone’s next solo adventure, Tombs of Terror.

If you’ve played any Standard format Hearthstone over the last month, then you’re probably familiar with the League of Explorers. Elise, Finley, Brann, and Reno now need your help to stop Rafaam and his gang of misfits.

You can pre-purchase Tombs of Terror right now for $19.99. Chapters one and two of the adventure will be unlocked on Sept. 17 and chapter three will follow on Sept. 24. On Oct. 1, you’ll unlock chapter four, as well as a final chapter that’s called “Finale.”

The first chapter will be free to everyone on Sept. 17. If you choose not to pre-purchase, you can buy the following chapters for 700 gold or $6.99 each. There will also be a launch bundle that costs $14.99. Pre-ordering instead of waiting will get you a free Saviors of Uldum Legendary and an exclusive League of Explorers card back.

So what exactly are Rafaam and crew up to? It looks like the League of EVIL will be unleashing deadly Plague Lords onto Azeroth. These Plague Lords will be massive final bosses with huge health pools. Plague Lords will have to be defeated across multiple runs, but fans will discover new treasures along the way to aid them on their quest.

Unfortunately for the bad guys, players will be fighting alongside the League of Explorers this time. Blizzard also revealed the League of Explorers will function as the first dual-class Heroes. Blizzard said the aim of dual-class Heroes is to present players with never-before-explored gameplay possibilities.

Elise Starseeker will have abilities and cards from the Priest and Druid classes. Brann Bronzebeard will get his abilities and cards from the Warrior and Hunter classes. Sir Finley will be associated with Paladin and Shaman. Reno Jackson will be a treasure-hunting Rogue who haphazardly slings Mage spells.

You can check out all of the new bells and whistles associated with Tombs of Terror when the adventure goes live on Sept. 17.