Second new Warrior legendary from The Witchwood unveiled

It's time to build some towers.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Warrior’s second new legendary has been revealed—and it’s the first ever class legendary that can’t attack.

The minion is part of The Witchwood, Hearthstone‘s next expansion which will release some time in April. The card was given to Yahoo Esports Taiwan by Blizzard to reveal.

Blackhowl Gun Turret is a seven mana 3/8 that can’t attack. Though it can’t attack, it can deal damage—whenever it takes damage, it deals three damage to a random enemy. Sort of like a smaller Ragnaros that can fire multiple times a turn, or not at all.

The problem with it though is that Ragnaros couldn’t be ignored. If you left it on the board, you were getting hit with eight damage at the end of the turn. If you leave this alone nothing happens. Unless your opponent gives it taunt, or plays it on a board you need to AoE, then it won’t do much.

Even if you do need to AoE the board with this on it, if it’s a single hit AoE then three damage is probably an acceptable drawback. You wouldn’t want to Defile it obviously.