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New to Hearthstone?

Looking to build your first deck? Don’t have a lot of cards then you’ll want to read…

Starting Your Journey

Here is a collection of guides on our site that are very popular and we highly recommend it for new Hearthstone players!


Have a few dust gathered up? Looking to craft some cards to buff your deck? Check out the guides below:

Fun/Interesting Guides

Here are some articles on Hearthstone related lore/information that you might find enjoyable to read!

Flavor Text and Lore: Notable Paladin Cards by Luís Magalhães

Flavor Text and Lore: History and Future of the Paladin Hero by Luís Magalhães

What Next?

Once you have got the basics down, collected a few Legendaries, it’s time to level up your Hearthstone skills! Below are a collection of guides all focusing on different aspects of Hearthstone. Good luck!

Advanced Guides

Card games are like onions. There are layers upon layers of strategies and theories. This is where you will learn them all! As well as the skill and enjoyment of building your own decks.

Mastering the ‘X’ Deck Guides

Extensively in-depth deck guides where we show you how to master a popular deck on the ladder!

Monthly Legend Meta Decks

See whichs decks are popular on the ladder and which are rising to the top!

Weekly Legends Video Series

A Premium exclusive on Hearthstone Players. Featuring not only a Legend guide but also videos of it in action!

How to Reach Legend

Features a collection of Legend guides and how to beat the Hearthstone Meta/Rank.

In-depth Turn Analysis

A series on analyzing and breaking it down a single turn of a game. Highly recommended reading!

Mastering the Arena

You haven’t experienced the full range of emotions offered by Hearthstone till you stepped into the Arena. Learn how to draft 6x Fireball or 4x Truesilver Champion!

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