SeastStory Cup V to begin this week

The fifth installation of the famous series is returning for a big show. Find out more about this!

SeatStory Cup V is returning as the fifthinstallation of the famous tournament series. Seven monthsafter the last edition, we will once again witness some of thescene’s finest players battle it out for a total prizepool of$20,000, with the winner taking the lion’sshare of $10,000. The event will expand from July 21- 24, and itwill feature 32 players.

The invited players are as follows: 
Orange, SuperJJ, Lifecoach, Reynad, Xixo, Ostkaka, ThijsNL,RDU, Purple, Ignite, Forsen, ,Powder, KevecC, Lothar,Naiman, Sjow, Ek0p, Firebat, Eloise, Gaara, TerrenceM,Hotform, Stancifka, StrifeCro, Zalae, C4mlann, JackieChan,AKAWonder, Hoej, Chakki, MrYagut, Nostam.

All of the players can boast some great achievements and titles,so the battles will be fierce. You can watch the whole event atTaKeTV’s twitchchannel.

Are you ready for some action?