Sketchy Information joins Hearthstone’s United in Stormwind expansion

Kobold Illusionist has a new friend.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

The cards keep on coming for Hearthstone’s United in Stormwind expansion.

The latest card to join the game is Sketchy Information, a three-cost Rogue spell. It reads “Draw a Deathrattle minion that costs (4) or less from your deck. Trigger its Deathrattle.”

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Although Deathrattle Rogue isn’t the strongest archetype in the game and has never quite reached the top tier, it has potential in United in Stormwind.

Infiltrator Lilian, which summons a 4/2 that attacks a random enemy minion, Tomb Pillager, which adds a coin to your hand, and Kobold Illusionist, which summons a 1/1 copy of a minion from your hand, are just a few examples of cards that could work well with Sketchy Information.

Kobold Illusionist also opens up avenues for Big Rogue. For just three mana, Sketchy Informationt could summon a 1/1 Kel’Thuzad, Ragnaros the Firelord, Sneed’s Old Shredder, or Y’Shaarj, Rage Unbound.

United in Stormwind gets underway on Aug. 3. Stay tuned for more Hearthstone card reveals.