Naxxramas Ararchnid Quarter: Zoo Meta Deck

Nuba is back with an updated Zoo deck, featuring unlocked cards from the Arachnid Quarter!


Hello everyone, Naxx is out, and while everyone is writing about the boss fights, I came to the conclusion that we need to start focusing in the ladder grind, because even tho Naxx is fun, you should not forget: The season ends in less than 8 days!

Thinking on that, I bring you all the first deck-to-beat: the good old Zoo lock with a Naxxramas Twist: nerubian-egg!


But Nuba, it’s basically old 28 Zoo cards with only 2 new cards, what makes it so special?

Zoo had a huge problem regarding these last 2 spots, everyone kept on adding different cards, but they were all bad: Amani Berseker, Elven Archer, Leper Gnome, Mortal Coil etc… With the Egg, this spot is now finally filled, you have to keep in mind the next spot to be replaced is the Shieldbearer, that although good, needs a better card to be replaced, this card is comming within the next weeks.

Now, take a look at the list:

I marked in red the cards that can interact with the Egg, activating it while generating value.

Now you realise that 1/3 of the deck can activate the Egg, which means Zoo lock is, currently, the deck with more ways of activating nerubian-egg by a long shot. Keep in mind these cards are good by themselves and already used in most, if not all, pre-naxx Zoo lock lists.

The meta evolves slowly, which means that you’ll have a very good time playing Zoo until the end of this week, until new cards are added and you can start working on different decks.

Zoolock is, currently, the meta deck, and the one I would suggest you to play.

The Game Plan

The game plan has not changed: It’s still early game board control. the fact is that now you can do even better trades due to the Egg. You also have better mid-late game. The deck is basically better and stronger in every single way.

Tips on playing the deck:

Here are some tips I think might help you when playing this deck:

1) Do not save your cards to activate a possible future Egg, cast them. You have so many ways of activating it, that chances are: whenever you draw an Egg, you’ll right after draw a way of activating it.

2) if you have an Egg and an activation card in your hand, always prioritize dropping the egg first over other cards, and activating it right after with good trades.

3) if you are playing against a control type of deck, keep in mind the best way to activate the egg is buffing it permanently with Shattered Sun Cleric or Defender of Argus and forcing your opponent to deal with it, you don’t need to prioritize playing the Egg in this occasion even if you have a way of activating it(unless this way is permanent!).

4) I dont think Haunted Creeper is good enough to justify playing it, yes it generates value with time but I dont think its enough, its only has 1 attack and can be played around easily. Let us try to keep the Shieldbearer around for 1 or 2 more weeks, yes?

5) Think on your plays: Zoolock is still a very punishing deck, meaning bad plays might mean the end of the game, even tho your deck is stronger now, you’ll still need to play it right. Try to go for board control over face rush, unless you feel there is no way of getting board control at all.


I will be recording a gameplay video soon, stay tuned in for the video, for now I hope you have a very good time achieving legendary rank with  your newly edited Zoo lock list, if you already hit legendary I suggest you trying to counter it rather than playing it if your aim is grinding the legendary ladder for either top 100 or top 16, I am working on 2 lists currently: Priest and Druid. Both completely anti-aggro, my work is still in progress, but f you still want to try them out, here are the lists, use them at your own risk:

See you guys in the gameplay video!

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