Let’s Brew! Episode 4 Prequel – TGT Special!

Want to see a cool new TGT deck brewed by your favorite HSP writers? Make sure to vote for the brew option you like best in this quick poll!

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Well Met! It’s been exactly 10 days since the release of The Grand Tournament! I hope all of you have been eagerly testing/playing with exciting new ideas. I’m here today to ask what you would like us to brew next. We’ve collectively compiled a list of possible decks we’d like to individually explore. Each option once again has a brief description of the deck (from the prospective deckbuilder) and how it’s unique. Moreover, all of the options below have some TGT flavor to them! Enjoy!

The Grand Tournament Brew Options

Option 1: Dreadsteed Warlock – Stonekeep

It’s hard to exactly tell what style of the deck it’s gonna be. Besides the couple of staples, you can build more Control deck, more Zoo’ey deck or put all the focus on the horse itself. But the main idea is to play Dreadsteed and then clone it couple of times with cards like Baron Rivendare and Kel’Thuzad, allowing you to get a few points of free damage every turn and turn the game in your favor.

Option 2: Hero Power Mage – Stonekeep

Mage deck based around Hero Power and Inspire. Using cards that boost your Hero Power’s damage, reduces the cost etc. and the ones that benefit from you hitting the button. The deck plays rather grindy game, the strategy is to outvalue your enemy and then crush them thanks to the card advantage. Using cards like Coldarra Drake or Fallen Hero to make your Hero Power stronger, Fencing Coach or Maiden of the Lake to make it cheaper and topping the list with strong Inspire effects like Nexus Champion-Saraad and Kodorider to win the value game.

Option 3: Lock and Load Hunter – Stonekeep

A Control Hunter list! The deck that’s trying to play the stall game until it gets enough mana and draws into the combo pieces, then unleashing them. L&L Hunter can draw additional 5-6 cards with each Lock and Load, making the card advantage pretty easy to achieve. Another thing is putting enemy on the clock thanks to the 3 damage Hero Power (with Justicar Trueheart) – the list is so slow that the difference between 2 and 3 damage is big enough. And last, but not least, it uses the never-ending Eaglehorn Bow with a lot of Traps to either remove enemy threats or push for the damage.

Option 4: DragonLock – Modded

A Control Warlock deck using dragons both old and new to control the board until it can get to the late game and beat down your opponent. Although Warlocks don’t have any unique dragons, it’s hero power means that it can consistently trigger minions like blackwing-corruptor, and it’s the only class that can consistently get value out of twilight-drake. It also has access to the biggest sweepers in the game, shadowflame and twisting-nether.

Option 5: Pirate Rogue – Newton

Preliminary discussions on various forums and websites view Rogue as the class that has gained the least from TGT. As a result, exploration of the class’s new Pirate-themed cards seem like an obvious choice for development. Buccaneer and Shady Dealer provide the archetype with two new toys. Moreover, Buccaneer gives the class the viable 1-drop minion it has sorely been patiently waiting for. Buccaneer – Blade Flurry combos will possibly be incorporated as well.


Below is a quick recap of all of the available choices. Please vote here.

  • Option 1: Dreadsteed Warlock – Stonekeep
  • Option 2: Hero Power Mage – Stonekeep
  • Option 3: Lock and Load Hunter – Stonekeep
  • Option 4: DragonLock – Modded
  • Option 5: Pirate Rogue – Newton