Legendary Disenchanting/Crafting Guide

The timeless question that every Hearthstone player has asked at least once in their journey to Legend - 'Should I disenchant this?'


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Hello everyone, its been some time since my last article and I am sorry for it, I have been having some real life stuff to do which made it so I could not write or play as much as I wanted to.

Today I will be talking about everyone’s favorite question on forums and groups: “Should I disenchant this legendary?”. Altho the question might seem to have a direct answer, sometimes it just doesn’t: there are different factors that must be taken into consideration before disenchanting a legendary card, and I will try to guide you as much as I can thru all of the “ifs” that exists.

The Useless Legendaries

So, let us start with the cards you should instantly disenchant, regardless of being golden or not, these cards should be disenchanted on sight, unless you don’t need any other card in the game:

  • nat-pagle
  • tinkmaster-overspark
  • lorewalker-cho
  • millhouse-manastorm
  • nozdormu

And the listed Legendary cards are completely useless and you are better off with 4 good rare cards you need or 1 epic card. If they are golden? Even better!

The Somehow useful Legendaries

Some legendaries are bad enough not to be played competitively, but they somehow make up for their bad status as they are still playable whenever you don’t have enough cards.

I suggest using these legendaries if you are new to the game and not disenchanting them, but whenever you start to get better these cards should be disenchanted for better cards.

Keep in mind if you manage to get any of these cards in their golden form, instantly disenchant them and create one of the legendaries from the next section!

  • the-beast
  • king-krush
  • captain-greenskin
  • deathwing
  • gruul
  • hogger
  • illidan-stormrage
  • onyxia
  • prophet-velen
  • malygos

Remember: If you get any of these cards in their golden form and you are not into the collection business,disenchant them right away to make the cards in the next part of this article!

The Always good Legendaries

These are the legendaries you should craft and keep(in case you already have them). Never ever disenchant any of the following cards as they are prime in their spots and have a unique effect, that you might come to need in any given time of your game’s progression:

  • alakir-the-windlord
  • alexstrasza
  • archmage-antonidas
  • baron-geddon
  • bloodmage-thalnos
  • cenarius
  • edwin-vancleef
  • grommash-hellscream
  • harrison-jones
  • king-mukla
  • leeroy-jenkins
  • lord-jaraxxus
  • ragnaros-the-firelord
  • sylvanas-windrunner
  • the-black-knight
  • tirion-fordring
  • ysera

What if I get the golden versions of the Prime Legendaries?

Well, there are 2 cases:

Case 1) You don’t have that said card: Keep it. No matter the situation, you should never disenchant the card you just got.

Case 2) You already have a neutral version of the said card: There are 2 different scenarios here, and I would like to go as deep here as possible, keep in mind this case also applies if you already have a Golden version of said legendary and just got the normal version:

If you have over 70% of the prime cards, you can keep the Golden card and disenchant the neutral card, this situation usually applies to players who have many decks and do not need the dust right away. These players usually go for the swag!

But jokes apart, its nice to have golden cards in your deck whenever you don’t need the dust to craft anything else! But if you feel like you could use another legendary of the Prime list, go ahead and disenchant the Golden card to make the one you needed,  you’ll lose the swagness, but you’ll gain real game advantage.

Whenever you don’t have a lot of the Prime Legendaries you should disenchant the golden version and keep the normal so you can get the 1600 dust from the golden and build another useful legendary. Remember that getting a wider card pool to build you decks is always better than having more in-game swag!

A Decklist!

There can never be a Nuba Article without a Nuba Decklist! Therefore today I bring you guys a Midrange Druid of mine that I am playtesting. The list looks a lot like the pre-naxxramas Charge Druid but trading the Pre-Naxx meta cards for the Post-Naxx meta cards, this list is currently under the test phase and will be updated with the passing of time!


Firstly I would like to tell you the obvious: None of these rules applies to the Collection Guy. If you are one of these people who like to collect cards and go for the whole collection rather than the optimal card pool and playability, forget about this article.

I hope this article was helpful for you! Regarding all the legendaries and if you should keep them or not, whenever you should disenchant them or not. If you have any other question regarding that feel free to ask me in the comments below and I will try to answer it asap!

I sincerely hope you all enjoyed what you read today, and I hope to see you more often here at hearthstoneplayers.com!

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