Decks to Play – A Pleasant Surprise: Part 2

Hello everyone and welcome to the second part of this week’s Decks to Play! I am happy to announce that this week we are indeed getting a Decks to Play article rolling! I didn’t believe at first it would be possible to post a good decks to play articles given the state of the Metagame, […]


Hello everyone and welcome to the second part of this week’s Decks to Play!

I am happy to announce that this week we are indeed getting a Decks to Play article rolling! I didn’t believe at first it would be possible to post a good decks to play articles given the state of the Metagame, but North America’s Winter Preliminaries actually gave me a lot of ideas and I decided to test the bunch of lists played.

In this second Part of this week’s Decks to Play I will also be featuring a pair of Ladder decks that seem to be very powerful options for you to play with.

Decks to Play is an article where I not only introduce you guys to a bunch of Deck lists I believe are the bests ones for you to play, I also talk a lot about the metagame, the changes, what is best to use on the ladder and what isn’t.

This week, however, we will not be seeing a Meta talk, as the metagame is completely equal to last week’s metagame and is supposed to not change at all until Standard hits.

However, as you might’ve noticed, this time we have had so many good and different lists, that we’ll be getting a 2-parts Decks to Play! :D:D:D

Are you prepared?!

Aaron’s Top 2 Legend Renolock

Before going into the deck’s explanation, I would like to express how, after playing tons and tons of games as a Reno Combo Lock, I feel like adding Combo to Renolock is needless. Sure, Renolock will be getting an edge in some matchups by running combo, but the things it damages in order to play an actual combo are such that I almost always regretted having the combo over proactive cards in my deck.

Aaron’s list is something I have been looking for lately but wasn’t finding: A consistent, Competitive combo-less Renolock. This list features all the Renolock consistent tools while dropping a few inconsistent ones such as imp-losion. I got confused when making this deck because I automatically added Imp-Losion to the list without knowing it didn’t have, and was trying to look for what card I had added, I remember Imp-Losion was one of the last cards I checked.

Aaron tries to run away from all the inconsistency by making a fully consistent and competitive Renolock list, and it worked beautifully!

This is a very powerful Renolock list, probably the strongest one right now. In case you want to run acidic-swamp-ooze go ahead and remove spellbreaker, but Aaron himself said this list doesn’t need to run Ooze at all.

Are you looking for a cool Renolock list to play this weekend? Well, guess you just found one!

J4CKIECHAN’s Camel Hunter!

An interesting list that I saw this week was Jackiechan’s Camel Hunter. This list seems to be powerful enough to compete on the ladder without hurting your win rate.

The coolest thing about using desert-camel is that it has an amazing interaction with injured-kvaldir, bringing a 2/4 to the table for the price of a 1-drop for your opponent that is likely to be weaker than the 2/4 Kvaldir.

This happens because putting a minion into play with abilities is different from casting them: Their battlecries do not trigger, meaning the Kvaldir won’t receive the 3 damage it is supposed to when you cast it, becoming a real 2/4!

This deck also runs a lot of other very different and peculiar additions, such as double hunters-mark, cult-master, and flame-juggler. This is a minion heavy version of Midrange Hunter and very different from the one we are used to see, this list also runs no kill-command or mad-scientist+Secrets pack, which is very interesting to say the least.

The one thing that bugs me a lot about this list is how it needs sir-finley-mrrgglton but the owner choose he wouldn’t use it because the risk of getting it’s battlecry ruined by the Camel exists. However, I would replace one of the Webspinners for Sir Finley in a Heartbeat and I believe you should do the same, as Hunter’s Heropower doesn’t seem to be the most fitting for this Pure-Midrange strategy.

This list is very different from the Hunter ones you are used to see, and I believe it should be the one you must be playing this weekend in case you are interested in the idea!

Fibonacci’s Demon Handlock

Just when you thought the Fatigue Warrior was the only surprise Fibonacci brought to the Winter Prelims, you take a closer look at his deck lists and find…. A Demon Handlock! And an updated one, I must remind you!

This list is a very different Handlock one, since it doesn’t run stuff that standard Handlock used to, like: ancient-watcher, mountain-giant and sunfury-protector, no! These are cards from the past and if Handlock is to be playable again, it shouldn’t be because of these cards – This list runs the powerful dark-peddler and more defensive cards than other Handlocks to be able to live in this metagame.

This is such a different list than what Handlock used to be that I even feel more inclined to call this a Control Warlock deck more than anything, but since I am not the one naming decks here, I will just stay with the “Demon Handlock” term.

This list brings the Demon Warlock pack that should be leaving the game when Standard Format hits, so in case you want to give Demon Handlock a last spin before the rotation, this is your chance!


Writing all this got me very tired, but happy! I didn’t think I was going to find so many good lists this week and I ended up getting a lot more than I use to!

These lists are awesome, and you can use any of them to play in the ladder.

The Metagame didn’t change a bit, so the best you can do is change the decks you are playing in order to have a feeling of “change”, and since I can’t help you speeding up Standard Format, I can at least bring you some awesome and different deck lists for you to play!

Hope you all enjoyed this week’s double Decks to Play, and I see you around next week, hopefully with as many good lists as I found this one!

Love you all, cuties! :3