Caster wins OGN KR Masters Season 5

OGN Hearthstone Masters KR Season 5 crowned a new champion today and this season it's Caster who walks away with the trophy

OGN Hearthstone Masters KR Season 5 has ended today andCaster managed to walk away with $17,620, 15HCT points, and a shiny trophy.

The series, organized by OnGameNet, has been quite popular inthe Korean community,  and the western part of the world alsowatches them with great interest. Caster’s way to victory was notan easy one as he had to face a lot of skilled opponents before hisfinal face-off against khaizero in the finals.

The finals were Bo7 Conquest format and they werequite intense. The first game found khaizero on his SecretPaladin and Caster on a Hybrid Warlock featuring the Leeroy withFaceless Manipulator combo, as well as Jaraxxus for late game. Khaizero managed to get the first win. The second game tiedup the score with Caster’s Druid winning over khaizero’s Hunter andthe third game was won by Caster once again thanks to his Shaman.On game four, khaizero quickly took the win with his Hunter andtied the score to 2-2.

With the score being tied, khaizero took a precious win with hisDruid over Caster’s Hunter and took the lead,  just one winaway from the trophy. However, Caster managed to overturn theseries as khaizero’s Warlock,  the remaining class to winwith, did not manage to beat  his opponent’s Hunter or hisWarlock. The last game was especially close between the twoWarlocks, with Caster winning the battle.

Khaizero walked away with $5,290 for his second placefinish as well as 10 HCT points, and in third and fourth place wehad Ash and Pokerface who earned $2,600 each and 5 HCT points.