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Card Analysis of Goblins vs Gnomes – Part 1

Let's review the cards so far from Goblins vs Gnomes, Hearthstone's first true expansion pack - featuring over 120 new cards. Let's get started!


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Blizzcon just announced the Goblins vs Gnome expansion, it’s going to be Hearthstone’s first expansion pack, which will include over 120 cards and a bunch of new features, today I am here to talk about all the cards and the impact I think they might have on the constructed metagame as well as their uses or their lack of use.

Before I start with the analysis itself I would like to point out a few interesting things about this expansion:

Spectator Mode is finally out! Which means we’ll have the possibility of having life invitational tournaments instead of pre-recorded ones!

This expansion is going to have different card packs, which means you’ll get to choose if you want to buy normal packs, or Gnomes vs Goblins packs

These card packs will cost as much as the normal ones, in both real money and gold!

Now, to the cards!

The Newly Announced Cards – Part 1

The thing that got me sad is that over half of the cards announced so far had the word “random” written in them, and I dislike that, regardless the fact we’re having new cards added to the game means we’ll also have different options to build our decks, and hopefully more diversity in the game.

First lets talk about the Spare Parts, Spare Parts are new neutral spells that will be put in your hands by different effects generated by some of the new cards, the spare parts are the following:

reversing-switch, finicky-cloakfield, emergency-coolant, time-rewinder, whirling-blades, armor-plating, and rusty-horn.

There are a few bad ones, but there quite some interesting cards. The strange and different effects are the most interesting: reversing-switch, finicky-cloakfield, emergency-coolant and time-rewinder all have unique and possibly board changing effects, while whirling-blades, armor-plating, and rusty-horn aren’t really that exciting, outside from probably some shenanigans of rusty-horn on an opposing minion with the-black-knight following, these cards wont affect the game as much as the other ones, fortunently the number of weak Spare Parts are smaller than the good ones, which makes it so Spare Parts generating cards are supposed to be good, in theory.

Now, lets talk about the cards!

annoy-o-tron: This card strikes me as a small sludge-belcher, obviously there are some important things to notice here: it doesn’t have 3 attack as the Belcher, which mean the chances of it killing something are not that great, but at the same time it will stop 2 attacks from the opponent. This card is not that great in my opinion because it has zero impact on the board, but I do can see its uses since it can generate a lot of tempo due to the fact it will give you time to establish control of the board regardless of altering the opposing side by itself.





blingtron-3000: Eeeewww, too much random and has a negative effect. Negative effects are never welcome in Hearthstone, and even cards that were supposed to be good such as deathlord ended up being a liability on the deck, this guy will be no different, a bad card and a instant-DE if I get my hands on it.






bomb-lobber: Instantly you think about gadgetzan-auctioneer and how this guy is a response to it. Regardless, I think this is a weak card since the word “random” kills it in every other situation that’s not against Miracle Rogue, don’t get me wrong he isn’t a bad card, but there are simply better options for the 5-drop slot, much better options.






boom-bot: This is not a collectable card! This is Dr. Boom’s Spawn minion, it doesn’t even have a rarity gem!








bouncing-blade: Huuuugeee!!! This is the kind of RNG that I love: it’s always good! It’s a warrior card meaning massive synergy with warrior cards, its good versus early game aggressive decks because it alleviates the pressure while damaging the other minions, and its huge against solo late game threats on the board, keep in mind this kills anything that is alone on the board. A Ragnaros on the board? No problem, 3 mana removal. Ysera alone on the board? =O 3 mana removal! This card has plenty of good uses as well as a decent synergy with cards like armorsmith, acolyte-of-pain, execute and frothing-berserker.





clockwork-giant: Ladies and gentlemen, sea-giant just lost the title of worst giant in the game! This card is straight up bad and terribly unreliable. You can think of using it on Mill-type of decks, which aren’t reliable themselves but then what if you face an aggro deck? Instant concede anyway? This guy seems like the master of backfire and the way you can work around him is just a shot in the feet.






clockwork-gnome: A decent one drop. It fills your hand with something that could be useful whenever it dies, and applies minor pressure if drawn early in the game. It’s on par with Leper Gnome but worse for many different reasons.








cogmaster: I’ll tell you, I am neutral about this guy. It’s esstentially a flame-imp with no 3 damage drawback for Mech based aggro decks, in case Blizzard manages to make Mech decks a thing I am sure this guy will have an automatic include. What makes me wonder is how much this guy can be played around and turned into a puppy.






dr-boom: BGH Target? Check. Weak Battlecry? Check. Another instant-DE legendary for me, it’s not terrible but there simply are much better cards in the game already.








enhance-o-mechano: A decent finisher for tribal based aggro decks I would say. This guy is made to be played on decks like Murlocs or probably Mech aggro. The fact the skills given are random means this guy can never see play, but only time will tell since there is 2/3 chances it will give your minions something good to work with(divine shield or windfury), I liked this guy and think it has high chances of seeing play.






explosive-sheep: You first look at this card and go: GOOD, CONTROL STUFF! Then you look again and go: SHIT! This is terrible, no instant effect on the board + possibility of getting responded! THEN after some time thinking you realize there is a small chance this guy will see play on some sort of new control mage decks that can pop up as an effective consecration (drop this guy, hero power it) which isn’t something bad at all since mages lack early game board wipe spells! Combined with some of the new mage cards, which I think are the best class cards announced so far, this guy do can see play, keep an eye out for it!




flamecannon: Not bad, not bad at all! But then, why would you ever play this over frostbolt??? and If you want to play both what would you take out of your deck in order to add this random and sometimes unreliable card? Again: Very good for clearing that gadgetzan-auctioneer, but apart from that, what else? Is it enough to justify it seeing play? I don’t think so.







goblin-blastmage: HUGE! 4 mana for 5/4 is decent but nothing spectacular, but once you are able to pop this guy’s battlecry, the effect is so good I really want this guy to see play.Unfortunently, I don’t think it will, again: only time will tell.







gnomish-experimenter: Draws a card? Yap. But then it has the possibility of a huge drawback, you instantly think of this guy on a spell heavy deck, but then what about your win conditions? What about turning your Alexstrasza on Freeze mage into a chicken? How about turning that Al’Akir into a chicken? It do can have its good upsides, since it can draw you a good spell, but I am still not sure about this guy yet. I don’t think its a good card.


This is the Part 1 of 2 from the card analysis article I wrote about the newly spoiled cards from Hearthstone’s new Expansion: Goblins vs Gnomes! Part 2 will be released soon after!

I hope you guys enjoyed the ride so far!





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