Balinda Stonehearth revealed for Hearthstone’s upcoming expansion, Fractured in Alterac Valley

A powerful Mage has arrived.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

If you’ve taken a look at Mage’s win rate in Hearthstone over the past month, you’re probably very disappointed.

Fear not, fellow Mages. Balinda Stonehearth is on her way to save us.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Balinda Stonehearth is a new Mage Legendary that will be joining Hearthstone alongside the Fractured in Alterac Valley expansion. Balinda is a six-cost 5/5 minion with a powerful Battlecry. When Balinda enters the field, you will get to draw two spells. The spells drawn then have their costs swapped with Balinda’s stats.

That means you could potentially draw a costly spell and have its mana cost cut by nearly half. Additionally, Balinda draws the spells from your deck on your behalf, allowing for some much-needed deck manipulation.

Since the launch of United in Stormwind, Mage has struggled to find a place in the meta after its new Quest archetype was nerfed into the ground. Currently on, Mage has the lowest win rate of any class in Hearthstone.

Though at first glance it doesn’t appear obvious what purpose Balinda will serve for the spell weaving class, what is obvious is that the Mage class desperately needs help. Hopefully for Mage fans, Balinda and a few more powerful cards from the class will be enough to kick it back into full gear.

You can check out Balinda and all of the new Mage cards when Fractured in Alterac Valley goes live on Dec. 7.