Awakening the Ancients Priest Deck

Hello, Everyone I’m Lux, I am an established Deck Builder, Hearthstone veteran and Meta Analyzer , I have won over 800 Matches just playing priest it is my most experienced class and I like to think that I’m quite good with Anduin. This is my personal priest deck I spent hours weekly studying the meta, I […]

Hello, Everyone I’m Lux, I am an established Deck Builder, Hearthstone veteran and Meta Analyzer , I have won over 800 Matches just playing priest it is my most experienced class and I like to think that I’m quite good with Anduin.

This is my personal priest deck I spent hours weekly studying the meta, I like to think of myself as the Pioneer of Ancient Priest Style, its a deck style that has gained some momentum in the past month of so, Resulting in playing against my own deck on the rank ladder.

Anduin the Priest, has a large collection of utility and late game power he is usually regarded as a weak Hero in the current meta that Hearthstone provides us with. However a few devoted priests such as myself and Amaz try our hardest to make him viable at high levels of play.

With Hunters being recently Nerfed the priest scene has seen an increase in play and it does have a strength against the rampant Miracle Rogue.

Anyway onto the Deck.

Card Explanations

2x Circle of Healing

Circle of Healing is a card found in most priest decks since card draw using Northshire Cleric  is really strong for priests, it can also be used as a Stronger Version of Holy Nova when you have a Auchenai Soulpriest on the board, Against rush decks this shuts them down instantaneously, let them flood the board with Minions and on turn 4 play  + [card]Circle of Healing

2x Holy Smite

Another great card to deal with early game aggro or to do some extra damage when trying to set up a Holy Nova

2x Power Word: Shield

This is the most cost efficient card draw card in the game, I usually use it on my [tooltip card=”Ancient Watcher”] or on my Injured Blademaster great to use before putting a taunt inducing card on the board.

2x Northshire Cleric

Northshire Cleric is the card you want to protect, there is no point playing it to die, You use her to heal your minions in order to draw cards. Amazing to combo with Earthen Ring Farseer Holy Nova Circle of Healing

2x Ancient Watcher

This is most likely my favorite card in Hearthstone, being able to combo Ancient Watcher with taunt early on can pull the game in your favor easily.

2x Sunfury Protector

Use this card to put taunts on your Minions such as a full health Injured Blademaster or a Ancient Watcher

2x Shadow Word: Death

This card is your strong removal card, this should be changed if the meta shifts – Against Druids and other control classes, taking 2 is ok, You can sub one out for The Black Knight or a Faceless Manipulator I usually rotate between the three.

2x Thoughtsteal

This is such a fun priest card to use, even if you don’t draw the best possible cards from it, Remember this card is mainly about telling you what to expect from your opponents deck draw a few giants using Thoughtsteal? – Well now you know to hold onto your Shadow Word: Death

2x Earthen Ring Farseer

This is the most versatile card at your disposal you can use it in so many ways, Play a [cardInjured Blademaster[/card] and it needs some health? Play the Earthen Ring Farseer In order to heal it and get a minion on the field, Anthother use is to combo it with the Auchenai Soulpriest and target an enemy target for 3 Damage.

2x Injured Blademaster

Injured Blademaster can destroy everyone if you can play him early in the game or get a taunt around him, The best combo is Injured Blademaster + Circle of Healing for that early 4/7 which can either be buffed using Power Word: Shield

2x Auchenai Soulpriest

Soulpriest turns you from a Healer, to a massive damage dealer, your hero power and health spells now do damage instead of restoring life, this can card is usually used to set up large board clear with Circle of Healing However, can be used in many different ways

1x Defender of Argus

Just another taunt card – Be careful about buffing your 4 attack minions to 5 though when playing against other priests.

2x Holy Nova

Does 2 Damage to all Enemys and Heals your Minions and Champion for 2, best used as board wipe or for drawing lots of cards with Northshire Cleric

2x Holy Fire

I personally use Holy Fire to deal with annoying cards with high health usually with taunts around them ect, However use this if you are low on life and want to pull the game into the long game. Does 5 Damage and Heals you 5

1x Cabal Shadow Priest

Want to steal that annoying Harvest Golem that your opponent just played? Use the Cabal to take any minion with 2 or less attack, It seems split among the priest scene whether to take 2x Cabal Shadow Priest or just the one. I personally only take 1, but its up to personal preference.

1x Cairne Bloodhoof

Pretty much super Yeti, a very strong card for most classes its pretty much 2x 4/5 Minions and can do a lot of damage to enemy minions or hero, and if in danger you can just heal him.

1x Ragnaros the Firelord

Ragnaros the Firelord, this is your main game finisher card, you need to make sure you play him at the right time, most of the time he will wreck but every so often you get into a control battle with Faceless Manipulator

Why I didn’t pick “Insert Card Here”

Wild Pyromancer a great card to deal with Aggro but in my opinion it doesn’t fit in a Ancient Watcher style priest.

Shadow Word: Pain this card is just too slow any good priest player will agree Cabal Shadow Priest is better in nearly all situations

Mind Control this is one I get a lot, Let me explain I love this card but its just way to slow in the current meta but I’m not going to go out of my way to stop people from using it.

Easy Difficulty Matchups

Miracle Rogue

This requires a lot of skill to play against, always keep in mind at around turn 6 that he will start drawing his deck trying to set up his OTK on you, you need to get strong taunts out on the board and control him, Deny him the use of his Gadgetzan Auctioneer using your Soulpriest and Combo cards and you should have very little problem denying him any board presence, try to get his health down low so you can Holy Fire him to death.

Mid-Ranged Paladin

You have the much stronger early game, you are able to establish early board control you should be able to snowball to victory, Mid game he is stronger since s Equality Combo with Wild Pyromancer , However, your late game is stronger than his over all this should be an Easy matchup.

Aggro-Heavy Paladin

This deck is a joke, nothing to worry about if you haven’t died by turn 5 you have won the game, Just use your AOE spells to clear the board and put taunt walls up and you win, Currently the easiest matchup for priest.

Mage Control

Easy, you out scale Mage Control decks, Bait out the polymorphs and keep your health high and this should be a easy match. – Nothing more to say

Rush Hunter

Meh, is honestly the only thing I can say, with the UTH Nerf there really isn’t much to worry about, sure you may loose once in a while due to bad card draw, but honestly unless you fill your board with large amounts of minions there isn’t much threat.

Medium Difficulty Matchups

Warlock Zoo

Just brace yourself, your in for a bumpy mode, don’t feel to worried if you take some early game damage you can easily pull the victory back try to Mulligan for Soulpriest if you are playing against Warlock in general, This can either be very easy if you get good starting hand, or excruciatingly frustrating if you draw bad cards like Ragnaros and Cabal in your starting hand. – Its all about Sustain in this match up.

Trap Hunter

Although quite rare, this deck type can be a massive pain, Freezing Trap makes your life a pain, I still don’t think its a hard match up and I usually win against it, It can be very annoying to play against when you finally do come across it.


This is more of a battle of the card draw, this is the only deck that has the ability to out sustain you, Save your SW:D for those Taunted Giants and keep taunts up on your side of the field, don’t let him get you low. This will be a long battle – good luck.

Ramp Druid

Ramp Druid is a medium matchup, it can be a pain to deal with the early Innervate Yeti combo, but its not impossible you should uutscale him and as Druid doesn’t have any hard removal you can seriously hurt him with your Injured Blademasters and Cairne. Remember SW:D any of his large 8/8 creatures and wipe him out, Be cautious about playing Ragnaros as they may be running a Big Game Hunter

Shaman Control

Shaman Control is comparable to Priest Control, However, they need to be much more careful about there tempo as clearing the board can set them back due to the overload mechanic, Make sure you keep Board Control but not to flood your board otherwise [tooltip card=”Lightning Storm”] May be able to clear you. Cabal Shadow Priest is a Shamans worst nightmare due to the fact that you can steal many of his Totems, I try to steal the Mana Tide Totem or the Flametongue Totem just to annoy the Shaman player. – Oh and try to bait out the Hex cards before playing your Ragnaros or Cairne.

Hard Difficulty Matchups

Priest Control (Priest in General)

This matchup is completely luck based, this is my least favorite match up, but gladly not a frequent one, Thoughtsteal can either lead to you pulling your opponents best cards or even more Thoughtsteals. This match up is crazy, I have had Matches where we have had 4 Ragnaros on the field at the same time, Completely RNG Based. – Make yourself some Tea, you are going to be here a while.

Final Thoughts

I hope you guys enjoy my priest deck, I have had fun writing this Guide for you guys nearly as much as actually testing it for this Guide. Just remember Priest may not be popular but they are still viable in the world of Hearthstone.

If you guys enjoyed my deck or have any questions feel free to leave a comment below.

My Regards – Lux