What is the storage capacity of the Nintendo Switch OLED?

Getting bigger.

Image via Nintendo

With the Nintendo Switch OLED, Nintendo has tried to include and improve on a lot of popular features.

On top of the improved kickstand and LAN port, the Switch OLED offers a larger, more vibrant screen and of course, a bigger internal memory, increasing on the original model’s storage capacity.

The OLED Switch has an internal storage of 64 GB, double the size of the 32 GB the Switch Lite and original Switch model had. But it still doesn’t feel like a massive leap when you consider a handful of games could take up that entire storage space within an instant if you only buy games digitally.

As such, it would be better to invest in an external SD card to get as much space as possible on the system if you plan to buy a lot of games or invest in a bit of DLC. Some games, even physical, require you to download a large amount of the game before you can play, so having an external SD card might be more of a necessity than choice in the future.