How to use a Nintendo Switch Pro controller on Steam Deck

Switch it up on Steam Deck.

Photo by wu yi

The Steam Deck makes it possible to take your Steam library on the go from a couch to a coffee shop. But along with portability comes expanded compatibility when it comes to what type of gamepad or controller is used with Valve’s freshmen handheld outing, not least of which is the Nintendo Switch Por controller.

While there are plenty of controllers, gamepads, and even fight sticks compatible with the Steam Deck, Nintendo fans or Xbox S Type controller converts will likely call the Switch Pro controller home. Each controller has a slightly different setup process, but most just vary in button prompts. Luckily, the Nintendo Switch Pro controller setup on Steam Deck isn’t difficult at all.

Here’s how to use a Nintendo Switch Pro controller on Steam Deck.

  • Navigate to Settings.
  • Turn Bluetooth on.
  • Hold down the Switch Pro controller’s pairing button.
  • Select “Pro controller” once it appears on the Steam Deck display.
  • Hit A to pair your Switch Pro controller with your Steam Deck.

Connecting the Nintendo Switch Pro controller is a piece of cake. The only caveat that comes with using a controller other than an Xbox one is that the button prompts will likely be different than what you have in your hands, meaning when a game says “Press X” it means X as it is located on the Xbox controller, not on the Switch Pro controller.