How to turn on Night Mode on Xbox Series X

Use the new Night mode option to wind down in the evening.

Image via Microsoft

The October Xbox Update introduced a new 4k dashboard on Xbox Series X consoles, quick settings to help players easily change settings for a personalized experience, and an Xbox night mode perfect for late-night gaming sessions or players sensitive to light.

The Xbox night mode introduces several new options that allow users to adjust the Xbox’s light sources, including the display, power button on their controllers, and the power light on the console. This allows players to lower or remove distracting lights from a dark room and fully immerse themselves in a game or movie, which was previously an issue with the bright lights.

Xbox Series X/S console owners can also use the customizable blue light filter on their display to ease the amount of blue light they encounter in the evening. These settings work across consoles, apps, and games and do not change the performance or quality of screenshots and clips. Players can also create a schedule for night mode, allowing the settings to be turned on automatically at a certain time. 

All of these new features are exciting and relatively easy to use. You can access the night mode settings and adjust your console and controller lights in the settings menu. Select Accessibility and navigate to the night mode or Settings options. Within these options, you can adjust your TV and display options and adjust your night mode settings. From here, you can fine-tune your preferred light settings and create the perfect night mode experience on your Xbox console.