Team Liquid Announces New Halo Roster

Team Liquid has unveiled the changes that will be coming to their professional Halo roster.

Team Liquid has unveiled thechanges that will be coming to their professional Halo roster.After an inconsistent season with a 7th place finish, Liquid islooking towards an almost complete overhaul in order to succeed inthe second season of the HCS Pro League.

The only player retaining hisspot on the team is Tyler“Spartan” Ganza. Spartan joined the team just after theHalo World Championship to play with them during the Pro League,but previously played under the Liquid banner during Halo 2Anniversary.

Replacing the former members ofthe team are Tim “Rayne” Tinkley, Hamza“Commonly” Abbaali and Zane“Penguin” Hearon. Commonly and Penguin are former membersof the Renegades/Cloud9 roster, who managed to finish 4th overallduring the first Pro League season. Rayne, on the other hand, joinsLiquid from Team EnVyUs, who finished 3rd at the Pro League seasonfinals.

Supporting the team is new headcoach Kory “Symbolic” Arruda, also coming from Renegades/Cloud9alongside Penguin and Commonly. The team will also retain theservices of their analyst, Tyler“TiberusAudley” Hicks.

In order to make these moves,Team Liquid has opted to surrender their spot in the Pro League.This is because the position is held by the players rather than theorganization they represent. However, due to this rule they willactually be able to take over the spot held by the former Cloud9roster as they now employ two members of the team as well as theircoach.

Presumably former Team Liquidmembers Dan “Danoxid” Terlizzi, Braedon“Stellur” Boettcher and Kevin“Eco” Smith will create a team to take over theformer Liquid spot. While there are rumors about where the threewill be headed, nothing is known for sure. In the case of them notcreating a new team to take over the spot, the current process forbringing in new teams to the league is unknown but will likely beannounced by ESL and 343 Industries soon.

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