Team Infused Picks Up Halo Team

Team Infused, the UK based esports organization, has picked up a new Halo roster for the HCS Pro League.

Team Infused, the UK basedesports organization, has picked up a new Halo roster. With thecreation of a European HCS league, many new teams have beenpresented with this opportunity to grow and join largeorganizations. Such is the case for Team Deception, who qualifiedfor the league through the Last Chance Qualifier only last weekendand are now representing one of the best known Europeanconsole esports organizations. 

With this pick up, their rosteris as follows:

Hamzah“Phlux” Nackvi

Stuart“Warlord” Graham

Ryan“Batchford” Batchelor

Daniel“Doodle” Petersen

This looks like a great decisionfrom Team Infused as Deception went nearly undefeated during theirLCQ run. Batchford is also a well known and well loved member ofthe international Halo community. Great things should be expectedfrom this roster, and I’m sure they’re proud to berepresenting such a storied organization.

Team Infused’s last rostercompeted at that Halo World Championship in March and finished inthe 9th-16th place after being knocked out in the group stage. Before then, they’ve had numerous teams between Halo 3,Reach and Halo 2 Anniversary.

It’s great to see Infusedback in the scene, hopefully other European organizations willfollow and do the same!

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