OpTic Naded Steps Down, aPG Likely Replacement

Brett “Naded” Leonard will be stepping down from the OpTic Gaming Halo roster.

After several days of inactionand silence, it has been announced that Brett“Naded” Leonard will be stepping down from the OpTicGaming Halo roster.

There were several reasons forNaded’s decisions. The main issue is that he feels that heand the rest of the team do not possess the team chemistry to besuccessful in the Pro League. He also feels dissatisfied movingfrom the second placed team at the Halo World Championship to ateam that barely qualified for the Pro League. Finally, he notedthat the team does not practice as much as he expected and feels isnecessary.

Despite these qualms, Naded hasstated that he enjoyed his time with the organization and he wishesthem luck in the Pro League.

The question that now remains iswho will replace Naded? The team obviously needs a fourth player,but due to constraints from a low player pool, their options arecertainly limited.

Fortunately, Bradley“aPure Gangster” Laws is still available, sitting on the benchafter health risks stopping him from playing in the LCQ. aPG wasmost recently playing for Team Liquid, but he decided to step downafter he could not play with the team and forfeited his spot toClete “Assault” LoRusso. aPG has relations to the OpTic Gamingorganization as a former player, despite never actually playing forthe team at an event.

Other notable players includeHeinz, Hysteria, Cloud, Randa, Aries and FearItSelf.

Whether they move forward withaPG or someone else, they have to act quickly as time is runningout. The HCS Pro League begins on June 2, and OpTic will first faceoff against Counter Logic Gaming and Evil Geniuses.

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