Online Gambling Coming to Halo

As many of us may know, betting in eSports has become a pretty popular activity for fans to participate in.

As many of us may know, betting in eSports has become a pretty popular activity for fans to participate in. To make a quick buck off of putting money on your favorite team is something that is exciting among every single sport across the world. It keeps the fan base active while bringing in tons of cash flow into the scene, attracting new businesses who may be interested in working in the scene.

Just recently an up and coming Halo organization by the name of HoW Gaming has announced their intention to create a betting system for online Halo cups and tournaments.


This is great news for the competitive Halo community as it is expected to bring in a lot more money and attention towards the HCS. It is unclear how HoW Gaming is going to be running these gambling rings but so far they have been receiving a lot of respect for making this bold decision.

For those who don’t know, the Halo community has been split over the past few months on whether or not the community should have a gambling system. Many people feel that it can ruin the culture of the community itself while others feel that it is a system the will do well to strengthen the community. For HoW to make this bold decision and go all in on this concept, it’s very brave of them to see if the Halo community will follow them to help complete their goal.

Personally, I feel gambling in Halo is a great idea that should have launched months ago. After seeing our community nearly fall apart in late 2013 when AGL ended, I noticed the the ones who suffered the most were the fans. Fans need something to keep them involved within the scene and betting on these online cups is the perfect solution. It not only brings in more hype to the cups themselves, but it also allows fans from all over the world to feel involved in these cups and gives them a chance to truly support their favorite team.

What do you think about HoW Gaming’s decision to create betting tournaments for the HCS cups? Do you think it will do more good than bad? Let usknow in the comments section below and remember to follow us here at eSports Guru for all your competitive gaming needs!