NA HCS Pro League Season Results

Yesterday saw the last North American HCS Pro League games played. After a grueling seven weeks of play, we finally get to find out who will advance to the playoffs for their chance at the biggest cut of the $225,000 prize pool!

Yesterday saw the last NorthAmerican HCS Pro League games played. After a grueling seven weeksof play, we finally get to find out who will advance to theplayoffs for their chance at the biggest cut of the $225,000 prizepool.

The results are asfollows:

  1. Counter Logic Gaming(13-1)
  2. Enigma6 Group(11-3)
  3. TeamEnVyUs (9-5)
  4. Renegades (7-7)
  5. EvilGeniuses (6-8)
  6. TeamAllegiance (6-8)
  7. TeamLiquid (2-12)
  8. OpTicGaming (2-12)

It was no surprise for themajority of HCS fans that Counter Logic Gaming came out on top.Entering the Pro League as the fan favorites due to theirdominating victory during the Halo World Championship,congratulations to CLG and good luck in the playoffs.

The OT her teams entering theplayoffs include Enigma6 Group, Team EnVyUs and Renegades. Theplayoffs will take the form of a season finals event played live inLos Angeles, California, during KCON 2015. KCON is a conventioncentered around Korean culture, most notably Korean pop music. Theevent takes place July 30th and 31st at L.A. Live. Not much isknown about the format, but be sure to stay tuned to GAMURS to findout.

Preserving their spots in theHCS for next season are Evil Geniuses and Team Allegiance. EG, whowere once upon a time considered to be the best team of this era ofHalo, has fallen to a point where they can barely maintain a spotin the league. Starting the season in the top four, they slowlyfell down to where they are today. Hopefully the offseason canbring them good fortune and revitalize the team.

Team Allegiance, on the otherhand, faced a rocky season of ups-and-downs. Remaining in the sameposition of sixth almost the entire season, they retained theability to be remarkably inconsistent. 3-0ing Enigma6 one week andthen losing to OpTic the next, no one was quite sure what was goingon. Luckily, they were able to remain in the HCS. Here’shoping to a better future for them.

Finally, the two teams who mightnot have a future in the league are OpTic Gaming and Team Liquid.Both only won two series during the entire seven weeks, so thingsare not looking too good for them. Their situation worsens as theywill have to attend the season finals, not to play for glory, butto face off against the two top challenger teams in order to avoidrelegation. They will be playing against Denial Esports and TeameLevate, two monsterous rosters.

Be sure to tune in to see whowill stay alive and who will be left behind.

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