HCS Roster Updates

  Following Iron Games Atlanta we've seen many changes come to the rosters of competitive Halo teams.



Following Iron Games Atlanta we’ve seen many changes come to the rosters of competitive Halo teams. Unfortunately we’ve been unable to see them in action due to the past two online tournaments being cancelled because of the current state of the Master Chief Collection. However it appears like we’ll finally get to see the season start up again with today’s open cup and tomorrow’s legendary cup. Let’s get right into some of these exciting changes.

Noble Black Disbands 

The roster of Noble Black, consisting of Ninja, Aries, Arkanum and Protype has fallen apart. The team had a lack luster performance at IG Atlanta, finishing in only 7th place after managing a bronze medal at the end of season one. It appears that this situation was sparked when Ninja, who had only joined during the Pre-Season, decided to leave. A few days later, after poor communication by the organization with the players, the other three departed as well.

Reality Check Loses Burton

Burton, a Canadian player, joined Reality Check near the beginning of April in the pre-season. Along with Septic he was brought in to make major changes to the team. After IG Atlanta he decided to leave and was replaced with former Annex player Tragic. Tragic has never finished higher than 8th in an HCS sanctioned event so it will be interesting to see if he’s what RC needs.

Velocity Goes Noble

While the Noble Black roster was falling apart the organization spent their time bringing in a new team (important to note that they did intend to support both). The roster sponsored by Velocity, consisting of Cratos, Lifestyle, Nemassist and Suspector choose to leave the org. After a few days it was announced that they would be joining the Noble organization now playing as Noble eSports.

eLevate Descends 

Following a 9th-12th place finish at IG Atlanta the eLevate roster of Gabriel, Shooter, Str8 Sick and Munoz disbanded. It is unknown if the organization will pursue creating a new team.

Velocity Crashes 

After losing their previous roster to Noble eSports the young organization knew they had to react quickly. The team choose to pick up the well known Canadian roster of End Result. From this pick up the team became Burton, DarkScorpion and Krizen. After a dispute where the team could not agree on a fourth and a lack of commitment from one of the players all three departed, Krizen and Burton intending to serve as a team of two looking for someone to play with.

Annex Burns Bright

After losing Tragic to Reality Check the team choose to pick up Blaze, former member of SyA who saw a lot of success while playing Halo Reach. Not much is expected of this team but they are definitely a contender to break into the top 8.

WinterFox Shakes Things Up

Going into IG Atlanta WFX was one of the most hyped teams in the league. Following their 4th place finish there were many rumors circulating about a possible roster change. Contra was soon replaced with Arkanum, a former Noble Black player, with allegations that he is suffering from health issues.

Active Rush Rushes Back 

Active Rush, a team we haven’t seen since IG Columbus last year, has returned with a new roster. Consisting of brothers SneakEBeaver and Frosty as well as former Noble Black player Prototype and former Elevate player Str8 Sick this team is definelty someone to watch out for during the rest of this HCS season. Due to being a brand new team they will have to play through today’s open bracket in order to reach the top 8.

The Other Guys

Following the fall of Noble Black and eLevate two players from each team grouped up to try again. This new roster, known only as “The Other Guys” as of right now consists of Ninja, Aries, Shooter and Spartan (Spartan had previously played with eXcellence but was still under contract with eLevate). This squad will also have to play through the open bracket to face off against other pros.

The rest of season two of the HCS can finally get under way and I’m more excited than ever! Remember to check us out here at eSports Guru for all your HCS coverage!