Halo to release official cookbook in August

Victoria Rosenth headlines the new Halo cookbook.

Image via Paramount+

Halo is releasing an official cookbook for the franchise in August. 

Halo: The Official Cookbook will be brought to life by Victoria Rosenth, who has created similar cookbooks for other gaming titles. Rosenth headlines popular cookbooks such as Fallout: The Vault Dweller’s Official Cookbook, Destiny: The Official Cookbook, Street Fighter: The Official Street Food Cookbook, and more. 

“They say an army marches on its stomach, and the UNSC is no exception,” the description of the cookbook reads. “Learn to make awesome appetizers, sumptuous snacks, decadent desserts, and main dishes to fuel even the hungriest of Spartans on the longest of missions.”

Rosenth launched her blog Pixelated Provisions in 2012, where she combined her love of gaming with her passion for food. From there, she began collaborating on different cookbooks inspired by the gaming world. 

The Halo cookbook will feature over 70 different recipes for “every occasion” that range from snacks to full-course meals to feed the whole family. The cookbook includes a variety of different types of meals and caters to cooking at all skill levels. The cookbook will feature step-by-step instructions alongside photos to help users visualize what they are creating. 

The Halo cookbook will be released on Aug. 16 through Amazon. Fans of the franchise can pre-order the book in one of two forms, a hardcover and a digital edition for the Kindle. The hardcover comes in at $39.99, while the digital edition is $13.99. 

But Halo fans have had mixed opinions on the announcement, with pros commenting under the initial Twitter post. 

“Guess April fools is an every day thing over there,” FaZe’s Eric “Snip3down” Wrona said.

“They were seriously not kidding about this broader audience initiative,” OpTic’s Tommy “Lucid” Wilson said.