Denial Picks Up French Toast Mafia

Denial eSports has once again made their return to halo with a pretty impressive roster.

After a month long hiatus fromcompetitive Halo, Denial Esports is back with quite possibly theirmost entertaining roster yet. Yesterday, the organization announcedtheir return to Halo with their acquisition of the team formerlyknown as French Toast Mafia.

Although no one could haveaccurately predicted which organization would pick up this team,anybody could have assumed that sooner or later an organizationwould pick them up. French Toast Mafia had won three of the pastfour Legendary Cups and has shown no signs of slowing down. Thisroster, consisting of Scottie“Cloud” Holste, Gabriel“Gabriel” Funes-Soto, Michael“Falcated” Garcia and Abel“Rammyy” Garcia, has undergone several teamchanges, but after all the chaos this roster has gone through, theystill managed to consistently win.

This Denial team is definitelyone of the more promising teams bound to be a top contender for aPro League spot in the near future. Hopefully with the support of agreat organization, this team can continue their successful run andmake their organization and fans proud.

What do you think about Denialacquiring this young team? Let me know in the comments sectionbelow.

Image credits go to DenialEsports and Halo Esports Wikis