All Halo Infinite collectibles in Outpost Tremonius

There's a handful of collectibles to gather before you leave.

Image via 343 Industries

Halo Infinite’s campaign drop has players looking to explore its unique narrative and open-world setting while getting plenty of collectibles along the way.

These collectibles, which include audio logs and other trinkets, are available for use in both the campaign and multiplayer. While you can head back and collect what you may have missed on your journey through the campaign, these can easily be collected as you progress.

One of the earliest locations in the campaign is Outpost Tremonius, and there are a handful of things to collect before you move on.

Outpost Tremonius All Collectibles Halo Infinite

In Outpost Tremonius there is a total of five unique collectibles to be found. Three of these are Spartan Cores and the other two are a Banished Audio Log and Mjolnir Armor Locker.

Thanks to a guide by the YouTuber WoW Quests, you can see exactly where these collectibles are located.

  • The first Spartan Core can be found within the mountain bunker south of the Outpost. You’ll struggle to miss this, as it’s directly in your path of your adventure.
  • Another Spartan Core can be located behind the Outpost by exiting the large Foundation ship, turning right, and walking along the cliffside path until you reach a wreckage.
  • The third Spartan Core can be located through the building directly in front of the Foundation ship. Along the cliffs, to the west, you’ll find the Core amongst a weapon cache.
  • A Banished Audio Log can be located nearby the third Spartan Core below the landing pad, slightly closer to the main base but still on the outside amongst large crates.
  • The Mjolnir Armor Locker can be found next to the landing pad at Outpost Tremonius.