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An old wooden shrine on top of a cliff
Screenshot by Dot Esports

All Shinto Shrine locations in Ghost of Tsushima

Pay your respects to the old gods to claim a spiritual gift and embrace tranquility.

The expansive world of Ghost of Tsushima has many stunning locations, including the Shinto shrines scattered across the island of Tsushima. Shinto shrines are ancient monuments established by the gods to watch over the people of Japan. However, the arrival of Mongol invaders saw the destruction of their entrances.

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Gaining access to these shrines and offering your respects reward you with charms that provide benefits to Jin Sakai. Each shrine is located in a scenic but hidden area, requiring a traversal through complex terrains.

Here’s how you can find all of the Shinto Shrines in Ghost of Tsushima.

All Shinto Shrine locations in Ghost of Tsushima

There are 16 Shinto Shrines across the three regions of Tsushima. Some will require you to have the grappling hook to reach it, which is unlocked during Act Two. To make things easier, we’ve divided the locations of the Shinto Shrines into three regions.

All Izuhara Shinto Shrine locations in Ghost of Tsushima

There are seven Shinto Shrines in Izuhara, accessible during Act One. These will be marked on the map and offer various charms to enhance your character’s stats.

a map of all Shinto Shrine location in Izuhara region of Ghost of tsushima
Find all seven Shinto Shrines in Act One. Screenshot by Dot Esports
Edition NumberNameLocationCharmReward
01Arrow Peak ShrineSouthwest of the Archer’s Rise is a tall cliff overlooking the Samori Overlock. Make your way to the cliff to be greeted by a priestess standing in front of the broken bridge. The priestess will guide you through an alternative path to the shrine.Charm of Inari (Major Utility Charm)Increase the number of supplies, bamboo, and yee-wood collected from looting.
02Winding Mountain ShrineLocated southwest of the Komatsu Forge, just opposite the Fallen Outpost, you’ll find a cliff housing the Shinto Shrine. To access it, stand near the entrance bridge and look for a small branch to use as a grappling point. Grapple onto the branch and follow the newly revealed path to reach your destination.Charm of Izanagi (Major Ranged Charm)A headshot has 40 percent chance of returning an arrow.
03Golden Summit ShrineUse the southern gates of the Golden Temple to reach the entrance gates of this Shinto Shrine. Similar to other monuments, the bridge to the place of worship will be destroyed. Jump on the wooden pillar below the broken bridge to create a path for entry.Charm of Amaterasu (Major Defense Charm)Defeating enemies has a moderate chance of health regeneration.
04Plum Blossom ShrineThis Shinto Shrine is built on top of the Shinegori’s Cliff in the northwestern section of the Izuhara region. The entrance to the temple will be blocked by an erupted fire all across the bridge. Use the extinguished path on the left of the burning bridge to reach it.Charm of Kagu-Tsuchi (Major Melee CharmDamage output is increased when health falls below 50 percent.
05Stone Dragon ShrineHead east of the survivor camp or north of the Shipyard outpost to reach the cliff overlooking the western section of the coast. The shrine will be located on top of the cliff. Use the grappling hook to grapple on a branch and pave the way to your destination.Charm of Susanoo (Major Melee Charm)Staggered enemies have a 30 percent chance of being knocked down.
06Spring Falls Shinto ShrineTravel north from Kukai’s Falls Lake to find the destroyed entrance of the shrine. Instead of going across the small stream of water, climb up the stairs and stick a tight left to find a path leading to your destinationCharm of Mizu-No-Kami (Major Defense Charm)Parries and dodges are now easier to perform.
07Mending Rock ShrineMending Rock is situated near Isomase Coast, north of Hiyoshi Springs. To reach it, you must follow a path down the cliffside, descending toward the beach.Charm of Okuninushi (Major Defense Charm)Regenerate health while out of combat.

A convenient method for discovering Shinto Shrines is to keep an eye out for the small torii gates that sometimes line the roads. These signal the proximity of Shrines.

All Toyotama Shinto Shrine locations in Ghost of Tsushima

The region of Toyotama becomes accessible during Act Two of Ghost of Tsushima. There are six Shinto Shrines available. However, some need the grappling hook from the end of the act.

a map of all Shinto Shrine locations in Toyotama region of Ghost of Tsushima
Find all six of the shrines. Dot Esports
Edition NumberNameLocationCharmReward
01Scarlet Rock ShrineIn Umugi province of Toyotama, head south of the Field of Equinox Flowers. Similar to the surrounding area, the shrine is adorned with red flowers. The entrance is not on the wooden pathway; instead, climb a nearby rock and use the grappling hook on a tree branch to swing across to a climbing path, which will lead you to the shrine.Charm of Tsukuyomi (Major Stealth Charm)Assassinated enemies drop extra ammunition and supplies.
02Marsh Rock ShrineThere are no notable landmarks near this Shinto Shrine, but you can reach it by following the marker on your map. The marker will guide you to the shrine’s entrance, marked by a white patch of flowers and a broken gate. The path to the monument can be somewhat confusing; from the main gate, take a right and climb onto a tree trunk to create a path.Charm of Izanami (Major Defense Charm)Iron Will now restores 50 percent of your health.
03Lush Peak ShrineThis shrine can be unlocked after taking down the Yarikawa Outpost as you progress through Act Two in Ghost of Tsushima. The monument is built on the western section of Yarikawa Coast.Charm of Shinatsuhiko (Major Melee Charm)Staggering an enemy prevents melee attacks from being interrupted for six seconds.
04Hazy Cliff ShrineThis monument is situated at the far western edge of the Otsuna region, directly west of the Forest Edge camp outpost. The place of worship will be located along the coast of Yonshinka Bay towards the south.Charm of Ryuujin (Major Melee Charm)Regain one Kunai after performing a perfect dodge.
05Cloud Ridge ShrineTravel to the cliffs on the eastern section of the Koshimizu Farmstead in the Koshine region. The entrance to the shrine is blocked by the red torii gates. Use the grappling hook to climb on top of the ledge to discover an alternative path.Charm of Azumi-no-Isora (Major Ranged Charm)Arrows become silent, keeping you undetected.
06Turtle Rock ShrineThis Shinto Shrine is located in the Otsuna area, the eastern part of the Toyotama region, specifically. To access it, head east from Omi Monastery and look for the path that leads up the rocks. Use your grappling hook to navigate the rocky terrain and reach the shrine.Charm of Hoori-no-Mikoto (Major Stealth Charm)Stay undetected while assassinating enemies on grass.

If you ever find yourself disoriented in an area, allow the wind to guide you toward your destination, ensuring a seamless journey.

All Kamiagata Shinto Shrine locations in Ghost of Tsushima

Kamiagata is the final region unlocked during Act Three. There are three Shinto Shrines found scattered in different terrains of the region.

a map of all Shinto Shrine location in Kamiagata region of Ghost of tsushima
Three more to go. Screenshot by Dot Esports
Edition NumberNameLocationCharmReward
01Frost Cliff ShrineHead over to Jogaku, in the northern part of Tsushima to locate the shrine. To reach it, climb up the snowy cliffs and look for the path marked by red torii gates. You’ll need to climb icy ledges and use your grappling hook to navigate the treacherous terrain to reach the shrine. Charm of Nigihayahi-no-Mikoto (Major Melee Charm)Damage is increased while health is full.
02Crane Mountain ShrineIn the Sago region of Kamiagata, the shrine is located on top of the cliff overlooking Fort Kikuchi. To reach it, follow the red torri gates and use the grappling hook to climb up the cliff. Charm of Ikazuchi-no-Kami (Major Defense Charm)Terrifying perks and abilities have an increased 25 percent chance of occuring.
03Snowlit Peak ShrineThe final Shinto Shrine can be found in the end section of Kamiagata’s northern regions. Follow the red torri gates to seek out the snowy peaks of Mount Jogaku. Charm of Takemikazuchi (Major Melee Charm)Killing an enemy increases damage for 10 seconds.

Paying your respects at all 16 Shino Shrines in Ghost of Tsushima rewards you with an ample amount of charms to choose from that grant significant boosts to Jin and the Favor of Kami Trophy on PC and PlayStation.

Nakajima Shrine location on Iki Island

Iki Island is an expansion pack available for players holstering the Director’s Cut version of Ghost of Tsushima. There is only one Shinto Shrine, which is not necessarily needed for the trophy. But players seeking a 100 percent completion should check it out.

The Nakajima Shinto Shrine is located on the coast of the southeastern section of Iki Island. From Smuggler’s Road, use the bridge to reach the shrine and pay your respects to be awarded the Charm of Reflexive Sight in the new Tsushima release. The Charm lets your character lock on an enemy while he’s spotted in battle.

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