Where to farm Treasure Hoarder Insignias in Genshin Impact

Every optimal location that matters.

Image via miHoYo

Genshin Impact has a lot of playable characters in its roster. More new characters are being released as more new characters are being revealed, but some of the older characters also need love. As such, a few of these older characters can be Ascended to a higher level using certain material drops.

The Treasure Hoarder Insignias are an essential material drop. And you must know how to get them.

Treasure Hunter Insignia

Image via miHoYo

These Ascension items are acquired through very specific means and for only a handful of characters. Currently, the characters that require these Insignias are:

  • Kaeya
  • Beidou
  • Bennett

Treasure Hunter Insignias are utilized in many different Weapon Ascensions as well, making them highly coveted items. Further accentuating their rarity, they can only be found by defeating Treasure Hoarders. It can be hard for new players to acquire these items because Treasure Hoarders don’t appear until later in the game.

Unlike most other monster enemies, Treasure Hoarders are a human faction. Defeating any of these Treasure Hoarders enables players to acquire Treasure Hoarder Insignias since they have a chance of dropping these items before they teleport away.

There are a few reliable spots where players can farm these items for themselves:

  • Liyue, East of the Luhua Pool
  • Liyue, South of Mount Tianheng
  • Liyue, Between Lingju Pass and Mount Tianheng
  • Mondstadt, North of Springvale

All of these locations are reliable farming spots, although the location north of Springvale only works for Insignia farming during the Raptor questline. These farming locations are not exclusive, and there are other spots around the world where Treasure Hoarder Insignias can be found. Still, these are the most consistent and reliable areas to farm them in.

While it can be straightforward to get the materials needed for Ascension, you need to know what to do when you have them.


Ascension is a feature in Genshin that allows characters to level up past their initial level cap. Limit breaking these characters also gives them additional bonuses they would typically not get. The traits of Ascension are as follows:

  • Ascension Bonus Stat increase
  • Base stats increase
  • Max level cap increase
  • New Talents unlock

To Ascend a character, players need to go through a certain few steps:

  1. Level up the character till it hits the latest level cap
  2. Open the menu and select the character screen
  3. Select attributes and navigate to the Ascend option
  4. Make sure all the Ascension materials are present, and then click Ascend