How to Lower the World Level in Genshin Impact

Something to consider if the game gets too challenging.

Image via miHoYo

Genshin Impact has been a popular game since its inception and after all these years, a lot of players have managed to finish every challenge the game has thrown at them. Despite being updated with seasonal challenges, some players find the game too easy. On the flip side, other players might find the game too difficult. There is something that can be done in either case.

Genshin Impact introduced a World Level system to the game. This system lets players make some adjustments to the difficulty of the current world-state, which ends up making enemies either tougher or easier. This will also affect the rewards that players will receive for just about everything they do. First off, this is how players can lower the World Level, making challenges easier.

How to lower the World Level

If the current World Level is too difficult, players are allowed to lower their World Level by one through Paimon’s menu. This feature ends up weakening both bosses and general enemies throughout the world. Although this can severely reduce the challenging aspects of the game, it also simultaneously ends up lowering the rewards gained for completing quests.

Despite these changes, if this is still something players wish to do, lowering the World Level is actually pretty simple. Opening the menu and clicking on the “i” button near the World Level option under profile information will let you lower the World Level via an option at the bottom. This will reduce the World Level by one, as mentioned previously and once this change is made, the World Level cannot be restored or changed for the next 24 hours.

But what if you wanted the opposite? What about players that found their current World Level to be too easy? There is a way to increase the World Level as well.

How to increase the World Level

Increasing the World Level follows a slightly different approach. First off, players will need to find out what their current Adventure Rank is. This is absolutely essential because increasing the World Level depends on how high their Adventure Rank is. To be more specific, the World Level will increase until the player hits Adventure Rank 20. This breaks the initial cap and automatically increases the World Level to level one.

Beyond Adventure Rank 20, if players still wish to increase their World Level further, it will only be possible after every fifth Adventure Rank after their current one. In some cases, that will not be enough and players will additionally need to complete a quest as well. The current maximum cap for the World Level is level eight, beyond which it will no longer increase.

Screengrab via miHoYo

The only real downside to increasing World Level would be that if a player’s World Level is too high, they will not be able to co-op with anyone else unless their World Level also matches the player’s. Apart from that, the added benefits and rewards from increasing the World Level are always consistent. There is no risk attached to this as players can always lower their World Level if things get too difficult at a certain point in the game.