Where to get the Frenzied Flame Seal in Elden Ring

The power of madness.

Frenzied Flame Seal
Screengrab via FromSoftware

Faith builds have been all the rage in Elden Ring, with some of the best moments coming from timely incantation usage, be it heals, buffs, or sudden bursts of damage coming in with clutch plays. With recent patches buffing incantations even further, there has never been a better time to get acquainted with faith builds and sacred seals.

Today, however, we will be discussing a certain sacred seal in particular. This sacred seal is different from the rest since it enhances incantations of a particular type.

Frenzied Flame Seal

The sacred seal in particular that we are talking about is the Frenzied Flame Seal. This special sacred seal buffs all incantations of the Three Fingers and their corresponding Frenzied Flame. There are not a lot of builds that revolve around this sacred seal, making it a lot more coveted and niche in terms of usage.

Most of the incantations specific to the Three Fingers revolve around the madness status effect and how best to inflict them on enemies. This weapon can also cause madness buildup per physical hit, apart from the madness incantations it buffs. 

Right now, the known madness incantations that are buffed by this sacred seal are:

  • Flame of Frenzy
  • Frenzied Burst
  • Howl of Shabriri
  • Unendurable Frenzy

Each of these can be made more powerful using the Frenzied Flame Seal. But the madness buildup of each of these skills is not affected by the seal.

How to acquire

The Frenzied Flame Seal can only be acquired by going through Hyetta’s questline, playing it until the very end, and discovering the hidden Three Fingers. Players will initially meet Hyetta upon first entering Liurnia of the Lakes. After this, players will have to do certain things to further her questline:

  • After acquiring Irina’s Letter, Hyetta can be met at the Lake-Facing Cliffs site of grace. She will ask the Tarnished to provide her with a Shabriri grape.
  • After this, Hyetta will move on to the Purified Ruins, also in the Liurnia region, asking for another Shabriri grape.
  • Next, players can find Hyetta to the right of Gate-Town Bridge. Here, she will ask for the final Shabriri grape. Upon giving her the grape, choose to tell her the truth about what the grapes are.
  • The player will meet Hyetta next at Bellum Church. She changes her request here and asks for a Fingerprint grape, which is acquired differently from the other Shabriri grapes. After this, she will disappear and it will be a while until players see her again.
  • Finally, players will meet Hyetta in one of the final game areas, the Frenzied Flame Proscription, deep beneath Leyndell, Royal Capital, underneath the Subterranean Shunning Grounds. Her quest finally ends here.

After this, players need to accept the Frenzied Flame from the Three Fingers and talk to Hyetta. She then gives players the Frenzied Flame Seal, thereby finishing the quest and yielding one of the best sacred seals in the game.