Where to find Prized Pelt in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak

Prized Pelts aren't too difficult to find.

Screengrab via Capcom

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak may be the new DLC that players are itching to get to, but they’ll be in for some older content if they want to make more of the new content’s armor—and the Prized Pelt is one of those items.

The Prized Pelt is used in several armor sets for different pieces. It is also used for one of the older zone’s subcamp quests. Luckily for those looking to get a Prized Pelt, it’s pretty easy to find and can also be found in several places.

There are two places where the Prized Pelt can be obtained from. The first and easiest method is to head to the Shrine Ruins and hunt for Kelbi. The Prized Pelt has a 30 percent chance of dropping from Kelbi. You’ll just want to be sure that there are no monsters in the area where the Kelbi live.

In the Shrine Ruins Master Rank map, head to zones 11 and 13. There are three Kebli in zone 11 and two Kelbi in zone 13. If there are large monsters in the area, the Kelbi will run away, and they won’t return until the large monster leaves. When there are no monsters around, try to attack them quickly or they will hop away from you and will be a little tricky to catch up with.

Once you’ve stunned one, make sure to skin it right away, even if you haven’t stunned the other ones. You’ll know it’s stunned by the yellow cage around it, indicating that it’s paralyzed. Kelbi can’t really be killed, they just get stunned for a while, and then they wake up and run away. If you wait too long, they will run away before you have a chance to skin them. They can be skinned while paralyzed.

Anteka also drop Prized Pelts, but at a much lower rate of 18 percent. They are located in the Master Rank Frost Islands map. They’re in zones one and six on that map.

Both of these small monsters do eventually respawn, so you can stay in the maps for as long as you need to gather the number of Prized Pelts you require.