Where to find Falling Water for Merlin’s ‘The Final Trial’ quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley

It’s tricky but certainly not impossible.

Image via Disney

After making your way through the initial stages of Disney Dreamlight Valley, you are bound to increase your friendship with Merlin to level 10. This is when you will acquire a quest titled “The Final Trial” in which Merlin will offer to completely upgrade your Watering Can.

There are a bunch of items that Merlin will need to upgrade our Watering Can to the max, and acquiring them isn’t very straightforward, especially the item called Falling Water.

Luckily for you, this guide will let you know exactly how you’re supposed to get your hands on the Falling Water item in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

How to get the Falling Water item for Merlin’s The Final Trial quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Image via Disney

To work on getting the Falling Water item, you will first need to complete the initial part of The Final Trial, which involves crafting Purified Night Shards. At this point of the game, you should already be done with this as you have probably crafted Night Shards and Dream Shards. Take five of them to Wall-E, then go talk to Merlin.

This is when you will be tasked with the next part of The Final Trial, finding three items: mushrooms, Ice Heart, and the Falling Water. The mushrooms and Ice Heart are easy enough to obtain, and we are concerned with the Falling Water after all.

When Merlin speaks about the Falling Water, he helps you out by giving a clue, suggesting that you reverse the words, which deductively leads you to the word “waterfall.”

While there are several waterfalls present on the map, the one you need to head towards is found south of the Glade of Trust, which you would have probably unlocked through previous quests. Make your way into the Glade and head to the southern part of the area.

Zoom past the large willow tree and pond while following the river until you reach the southernmost bridge. Here, you will find a tiny sparkling spot next to this area that you can interact with, letting you obtain the Falling Water.

With your newly-obtained Falling Water along with the other two ingredients, the mushrooms and Ice Heart, you can craft an enchantment. Make your way toward a nearby crafting station and select “Potion & Enchantment.” Select the “Royal Watering Can Upgrading Ointment” to craft it before you head back to Merlin to finish up the quest.

After you’ve completed the quest, you will receive an upgraded Royal Watering Can from Merlin.