Where do you find Smithing Master Iji in Elden Ring?

This friendly blacksmith NPC is located in the northern reaches of Liurnia of the Lakes.

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Iji, the giant blacksmith and advisor to the witch Ranni, can be found near Caria Manor, the estate in the far northern reaches of the Liurnia of the Lakes region in Elden Ring. Iji is southwest of the manor and sits right next to the Road to the Manor site of grace. He’s a giant and therefore fairly hard to miss. 

Elden Ring players who have not yet discovered Caria Manor will first encounter Iji on their way there. From the south, he’s a bit more difficult to reach. Iji is due north of Raya Lucaria academy, on the northwestern shore of Liurnia Lake.

Players on the hunt for Iji should first find the Northern Liurnia Lake Shore site of grace. Heading north-northeast from that site of grace, players will soon reach what seems to be an impassable wall at the northern edge of the Kingsrealm Ruins. Luckily, Torrent can double-jump around the wall from the cliffside on the northwest side of the ruins. Iji is only steps away from the wall. 

Iji, as a confidant of the witch Ranni, has lots of valuable information. He gives hints about where to go next and his thoughts on various characters. He also sells Somber Smithing Stones and can strengthen weapons as well.

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