When does Diablo 4 come out?

Here's when to expect Blizzard's highly-anticipated sequel.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

When Diablo 4 was officially revealed at BlizzCon 2019, the internet and everyone in attendance was blown away, even though leaks took some of the surprise away from the announcement.

The game’s stunning reveal trailer, “By Three They Come,” was classic Blizzard. The masters of animated CG trailers didn’t disappoint as the Queen of the Succubi Lilith materialized out of the blood of a team of adventurers.

Blizzard also offered a gameplay trailer, showing off the game’s Druid class and more. It looks stunning and like an even more beautiful version of the Diablo games of years gone by.

GameInformer got hands-on experience with the Druid and posted a 20-minute gameplay video. It’s enough to make any Diablo fanboy or fangirl salivate.

But when the hype from the trailers died down and Blizzard took the stage to discuss more of the game and its future, fans were left wanting more information, specifically when they could play it. Thankfully, over two years later, we now have a release window.

When is Diablo 4’s release date?

During Microsoft and Bethesda’s Games Showcase in 2022, Blizzard revealed that Diablo IV is coming in 2023. Since Microsoft said that every game during the show would be playable “in the next 12 months,” that means Diablo IV will be releasing some time between January and June of 2023.

The company also revealed the game’s fifth and final playable class, the Necromancer, and offered an in-depth look at the game’s customization and more.