Valve introduces Steam Charts, a real-time player base tracking feature

Now you know when you'll find games quickly.

Image via Valve

External steam player count calculators are a thing of the past, as Valve finally integrates their own player counter in Steam. Steam provides an almost unlimited amount of games for players to access, with Valve being the man behind the curtain. 

This new-look Steam chart calculator, unveiled on Sept. 22, will show real-time player counts, top-selling games, and games with the highest player base of the week.

Previously, SteamDB was the best way of gathering information regarding player count and top-selling games, but Valve has finally taken control of the data and implemented it into Steam.

The real-time and weekly charts will replace the ‘stats’ page on Steam, making it easier for fans to get an idea of what games are performing the best.

The new features in the improved stats page will show:

  • Number of Weeks on the Chart
  • Weekly Change in Rank
  • Region Switcher
  • Total revenue

The region switcher will determine which game is performing the best in terms of revenue and player base depending on the area users are in. It’ll be a country-specific top sellers list. The total revenue will include all editions of titles, even if a title is a deluxe edition, it will be included in the list.

This will also include all revenue from DLCs and in-game transactions.

Valve released a press release detailing the update on Sept. 23 sharing all the changes. 

For all you oldies, if a game is no longer available, it’ll be listed in the SteamCharts historical lists for fans to scour through old games, simply for nostalgia’s sake.