Titanfall battle royale expected to be announced during Twitch livestream today

The stream has begun with various game teasers before the start of the announcement.

Over the past two years, battle royale games seem to be at an endless supply. Once the popularity of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds and Fortnite was solidified, major games like Battlefield and Call of Duty got on board. Today, another gaming giant most likely will announce a new battle royale game—Titanfall.

Leaks over the weekend stole the thunder from Titanfall’s developer, Respawn Entertainment, but there’s still much to be learned about the new game. In a Twitter post yesterday, CEO Vince Zampella officially announced the title of the new game, Apex Legends.

Rod “Slasher” Breslau, a gaming personality, shared his insight of Apex Legends on Twitter over the weekend. He’s confident the new game will release today for PC and consoles and will be a free-to-play Titanfall battle royale with 60-player servers.

Slasher provided more information in a string of tweets, like hinting at what microtransactions there might be. The microtransaction model in Apex Legends will be primarily for cosmetics, according to Slasher. Additionally, based on information he received, Slasher tweeted up to three players could team up and titans would not be available for use.

While many believe Apex Legends will most likely be a battle royale based around Titanfall, some speculation has proved to be incorrect. Some thought a trailer for the game would be played during the Super Bowl with the game becoming available for download immediately after, which didn’t happen. Instead, Respawn will officially release information on Apex Legends during a livestream today beginning at 2pm CT.