Stray releases cat backpack, leash and harness set in collaboration with Your Cat Backpack

Robot companion not included.

Image via BlueTwelve Studio/Annapurna Interactive

There are only a few days before Stray releases on Steam and PlayStation consoles, and the game has upped its merch with the release of a Stray-themed cat backpack and leash and harness set.

In Stray, the cat hero gets a little harness that helps it along its way, which aids the player in understanding robots’ speech and writing, and alerting the player when things can be interacted with. Now, players can put that same harness on their fluffy friends, although it may not be quite as useful as the in-game model.

The backpack doesn’t appear in game, but fans will recognize the neon theme, which appears in the city Stray takes place in. Made in collaboration with Your Cat Backpack and dubbed “The Fat Cat,” this backpack will house up to 25 pounds of cat, which is a bigger weight capacity than many of the other cat backpacks on the market, many of which only support up to 10lbs.

Image via Travel Cat

The $139.99 price point may put off many people, but it’s made of durable fabric and has air holes and strong mesh panels. There’s a bubble window for your kitty to look out into the world from a safe place. It has adjustable shoulder straps and chest straps to make sure kitty stays safe. There are also several pockets to store items like leashes, treats, collapsible water bowls, and more.

Image via Travel Cat

The leash and harness set is a replica of the one in the game—sans the robot sidekick—and costs $39.99. It has an adjustable chest strap and neck strap that also has a strong velcro for extra support. The nylon fabric is reflective, so people walking their cats at night can ensure other people around them can see them. The leash is six feet long, leaving some room for your cat to explore without also restricting how close the human has to be to it.

The items are both available for pre-order for those who want to snag them early, and the collection goes live on July 21. There is a virtual launch party for the two products that will feature a gameplay livestream as well as a cat-training session. The event will be held from 7pm to 8:30pm CT on that date.