Steam’s Spring Cleaning Event features Dead by Daylight and Shadow of Mordor for free

Try out nine different games during the event.

Image via WB Games

Memorial Day weekend is almost here in the U.S., and Steam is taking advantage of summer’s first holiday by offering free weekends for nine different games.

The Steam Spring Cleaning Event began today and runs until May 28. Each day, Steam introduces several daily tasks that users can complete. Tasks include “Spin Cycle,” where Steam will “pick some random games in your library that you can play to upgrade your badge,” and the “Clear the Backlog” task, which is awarded for playing a game “that you haven’t even played yet.” Finishing a daily task lets Steam users level up the event’s trophies.

The event offers six different trophies, and after earning five, Steam users can unlock a unique profile badge for the event. The more tasks a player finishes, the more their badge will level up. Available trophies include “Trusted Friend,” which is unlocked by playing a game a friend recommends, or “Blast From the Past,” which is awarded to Steam users that “play the first game you added to your Steam account.”

Alongside the weekend’s trophies and daily tasks, Valve is also offering a free-to-play weekend event for nine different Steam games. Most titles are on sale as well during the Steam Spring Cleaning Event, so interested free weekend players can buy a game and keep playing after the weekend ends.

Here’s the full list of titles you can try out until May 28, including their discounted prices.

The Spring Cleaning Event’s tasks, free weekends, and sales end on May 28, just in time for Memorial Day.