Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic II is currently unbeatable on Nintendo Switch due to game-breaking bug

The developers are aware and a patch is on the way.

Image via Aspyr Media

Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords launched for Nintendo Switch on June 8, giving players on the system access to the second installment of the classic franchise. However, players have been reporting that the game is currently unbeatable on the hybrid platform due to a game-breaking bug. 

Earlier today, developer Aspyr Media confirmed on their social media channels an ongoing issue where the KOTOR II software would crash following a specific story beat.

Since the game launched, players have reported that landing on Onderon and going through the Basilisk Crash cutscene will result in the game crashing completely. Workarounds have been discussed on Reddit and socials for more than a week, but nothing has reliably worked—leading to KOTOR II being unbeatable in its current form on Switch.

Aspyr did openly note the team is aware of this problem today and a post on the developer’s support website confirms this has been a known issue for upwards of five days, with the team actively investigating the problem and working on a fix, though there is no timeline for this bug being patched out yet. 

“This is a known issue that will be addressed in the next patch,” Aspyr said. “While we cannot provide an ETA at this time, we will definitely let you know when the patch is live.”

For now, players are entirely stuck and will not be able to progress beyond Onderon until the developers release the new patch, hopefully in the near future.

Update June 23 12:16am CT: Aspyr has released an updated statement regarding this issue with KOTOR II, reiterating the team is working on a fix but that the bug has been slightly overblown following initial reports being made on social media.

According to the developer’s data, the Basilisk Crash bug is only “affecting a small number of users” and will be fully addressed in the next patch. However, as those affected players wait for the patch, Aspyr has provided a workaround using the game’s built-in cheat menu.

Here are the instructions given by the developers, which can also be found on the Aspyr support blog:

“For now, our suggested workaround is to warp past the point where the game crashes using the cheats menu. To do so, triple-click the left thumbstick, open the cheats menu, and select warp. We recommend warping to a random location while on the party selection screen before the cutscene, otherwise, you’ll be going solo after warping.

“Afterwards, follow the same steps above to warp to OND504,” they continue. “Make sure not to head to the merchant quarter, as your game will crash.”