Smash pro condenses his competitive knowledge into 2 hours

For wannabe Super Smash Bros

For wannabe Super Smash Bros. Melee pros, there’s pretty much nothing better than a one-on-one sit down with a seasoned pro to talk gameplay and tactics. Well, now Ryan “The Moon” Coker-Welch has made that easy for you. He recently conducted an exhaustive Q&A on stream to discuss some of the finer points of competitive Melee for thousands of hungry fans. The end result is two hours of tutorials, recommendations, and wisdom from a competitor with knowledge to spare.

While the rambling tell-all is hardly organized, it does provide a fascinating look at the mind and mastery of a professional gamer.

Over the hour-and-47-minute-long video, the Fox/Marth player covers “multi-shines,” “double lasers,” “micro-spacing,” reading opponents, and advanced “tech” for some of the game’s more popular characters. With blazing fingers, the top-16 finisher at Apex 2015 calmly dissects techniques that will likely take the awed spectators years to master themselves.

And while hopeful onlookers furiously scribbled notes, it was just another day at the gym for Coker-Welch.

Still, if you’re looking for a jumping-off point for your Melee career, the lengthy video isn’t a bad place to start. Just don’t expect to be triple wave-shine up-tilting your way to victory any time soon.

Image via Nintendo