No Man’s Sky releases Leviathan update details, starts today

No Man's Sky just got an expedition with some huge features.

A giant mix between a crustacean and a whale in space
Image via Hello Games

No Man’s Sky has introduced players to a truly one-of-a-kind space adventure, unlike anything that’s been presented in games before. Each player will have a unique experience in No Man’s Sky, thanks to the procedurally generated universes that make no one trip like the last. The game has received years of free updates, including the most recent Leviathan expedition update.

Creator Sean Murray shared his thoughts on the new update on the PlayStation Blog. In the post, he shared a video from the new expedition update, showing players trying to survive amid a new time-loop curse.

In this expedition, No Man’s Sky attempts a new rogue-lite twist, allowing players to try again after dying while still maintaining some form of progress. Players will lose some of their materials after dying each time, but all progress counts toward Specialist Polo’s research into the time loop.

Each time the player starts a new loop, they’ll have a unique loadout. According to Murray, these loadouts will increase as the community puts more effort into helping Polo research the anomaly. Hopefully, when fully researched, the time-looping anomaly will cease, and the Leviathans can go back to peacefully existing.

The Leviathan expedition starts today and is expected to run for the next six weeks until around July 6. Whether the giant space whales will stay in the game beyond this date is yet to be seen. Players have the next month and a half to jump into the Leviathan expedition and find out why this time loop is affecting No Man’s Sky.