New Disney Dreamlight Valley trailer shows off customization tool, quest system, crafting, and more

Players have even more details for the upcoming game.

Image via Disney

A new trailer for Disney’s upcoming life-sim and adventure hybrid, Disney Dreamlight Valley, has given fans a closer look at how some of the game’s many mechanics function.

Since the announcement of the game back in April, fans have been slowly getting more information about how the game will play. Today’s new gameplay trailer showed some of the aspects of gameplay, including features fans previously had little information about such as the quest system, fishing, crafting, and gardening.

Avatar customization

Screengrab via Gameloft

Fans knew their avatar was going to be able to wear some cool Disney-themed clothing, but the video revealed that players will also get to customize their clothing with the “Touch of the Magic” tool, which allows players to create their own unique outfits with some stickers that can be placed on the clothing.

This tool is in addition to the large wardrobe the game provides, in which each piece of clothing is reminiscent of a Disney theme or character. Because the game is free-to-play, there may be some purchase-locked outfits when it comes to clothing, but no details about monetization of the game have been revealed.

Helping characters and the quest system

Screengrab via Gameloft

Disney and Pixar characters are scattered around the world, and fans will be able to meet them when they explore the different biomes in the game. Each character has a unique story, and some of them might send players on quests.

When you start interacting with characters, you’ll be sent on quests that require you to explore the world and complete objectives. Although there is no confirmation of the implementation of puzzles in the game, the video shows the character entering an area that has a Little Mermaid theme and shows two portals opening up, alluding to the presence of puzzles to complete quests.

Fishing, gardening, cooking and crafting

Screengrab via Gameloft

In addition to exploring and helping characters with what they need, players can fish, garden, and cook. Fishing can be done at the beaches, ponds, and rivers scattered around the world. Gardening will require players to find a good spot where plants can grow, and then they can use their tools to plant, water, and harvest their crops. Then, Remy will help players cook what they’ve fished up and grown in the garden to create meals seen in Disney movies.

Players can also take to the crafting tables to make new things with some foraging materials that they’ve found in their travels. These things will help the player build up their house and the areas surrounding their house.

Customizing player housing

Screengrab via Gameloft

From the crafting table, players can craft up decorations for their home. There are plenty of options for players to decorate their space, including furniture, wall decorations, and lighting. Players can also spend time in all of the places they’ve visited to customize those areas too. It is unclear exactly which areas can be customized, but the video showed several spots that players can make their own.

Disney Dreamlight Valley releases in early access on Sept. 6 on Steam, Epic Games Store, the Windows store, Nintendo Switch, PS4 and PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series S/X, and on Game Pass on day one. To participate in early access, you must purchase a Founder’s Pack, but no details about the cost or what the pack includes has been revealed yet. Xbox Game Pass subscribers will not need to buy the Founder’s Pack to play in the beta.