Microsoft Now Accepts Bitcoin

Purchases on the Xbox Store can now be made with Bitcoin.

Microsoft has been letting users purchase content such as games, music, and videos for their Xbox One, Xbox 360, or the Windows Phone for almost a decade.

Previously you had the options of paying for these things with Microsoft Points, credit cards, or debit cards. Now Microsoft is enabling the consumer to purchase things through another method, Bitcoin.

Eric Lockard, the Microsoft VP of Universal Store, had this to say regarding the news, “We expect this growth to continue and allowing people to use bitcoin to purchase our products and services now allows us to be at the front edge of that trend.”

Once the digital coins are added to your account you can then use them to “purchase content in the Windows Store, or in stores that house Xbox Games, Xbox Music or Xbox Video.” This according to the full Microsoft Statement.

Unfortunately this service is only available to customers inside the United States, and any purchases made are non-refundable. Additionally you can only add up to $5000 in Bitcoins to an account, so you big spenders better watch out.