Marvel gets its first mobile MOBA game with MARVEL Super War

Play as your favorite Marvel character from your phone.

Image via Marvel Entertainment

NetEase Games and Marvel Entertainment have released their brand-new multiplayer online based arena (MOBA) game for Android and iOS in a closed beta for India and Southeast Asia.

MARVEL Super War allows players to play as their favorite characters from the Marvel universe, including Deadpool, Hulk, Thor, Black Widow, and the X-Men, as well as villains like Ebony Mow and Corvus Glaive. The game is similar to other MOBAs on mobile in terms of gameplay, offering a complete five-vs-five experience with short matches.  

Image via MARVEL Super War

The closed beta test was opened on May 28 and will run for 14 days until June 10. During this time, players within the beta regions can play with 10 free heroes and 15 recruitable ones, each with a unique set of abilities and passives, in PvE and five-vs-five modes. The beta will also offer Alpha test gifts throughout its duration through which players can join matches or complete missions to claim “star coins” that can be used to recruit heroes.

In terms of gameplay, the MOBA plays wonderfully. The joystick controls were fluid and easy to use on mobile. The gameplay is smooth and only has a few bugs, such as in the animation of some heroes’ abilities. It’s in a closed beta right now and looking at its present state, we can certainly expect a top-notch competitive (and perhaps esports-worthy) MOBA for Android and iOS when it gets a global launch.

Image via MARVEL Super War

The official website of the game promises fair combat and balanced gameplay. Unlike other MOBAs on mobile, the “unfair rune-like system” (which allowed players to purchase runes and increase the chances of winning) has been replaced with a completely open and free buff system in MARVEL Super War, thus ensuring that the game doesn’t have pay-to-win elements.

It’s unclear when fans can expect a global launch or beta for this exciting new game.