How to unlock survivors in Evil Dead: The Game

Unlock a world of possibilities.

Screengrab via Saber Interactive

The ​​survival horror asymmetric multiplayer genre is one of the least saturated markets in the gaming world. Dead by Daylight has been alone at the top for quite a while, but Evil Dead: The Game is looking to take its throne.

Soon after players load into Evil Dead: The Game, they will probably want to unlock all the survivors available in the game. The survivors can be unlocked through completing challenges that don’t take that much time to complete. Even if you fail in your first try, you should be able to get them done shortly once you get familiar with the terrain.

At the time of writing, there are a total of four survivors in the game, and here’s how players can unlock them.

SurvivorRequirement to unlock
Ash WilliamsComplete the “If you love someone, set them free…” mission with a chainsaw
Amanda FisherComplete the “Kill’em all” mission
Pablo Simon BolivarComplete the “It’s not gonna let us go!” mission
Lord ArthurComplete the “Homecoming King” mission

While playing as a survivor, players will need to focus on managing their fear. If your survivor becomes too afraid, they’ll start giving away position, turning you into a sitting duck. You can also use this situation to your advantage, however, and use yourself as a distraction. Regardless of your survivor choice, working together with your team will often be the key to success since you’ll become an easier target for the Kandarian Demons when you split up.

Over time, the developers may decide to add more survivors to shake up the metagame. These survivors are likely to become available through challenges. If you’re unsure about how to complete the challenges above, we recommend searching for their name on YouTube for visual guides that will point you in the right direction.