How to turn on Visual Assist mode in Mario Strikers: Battle League

This option will make it easier to spot your characters.

Image via Nintendo

The next game in the popular Mario Strikers series has launched on the Nintendo Switch after nearly 15 years. Mario Strikers: Battle League returns to the classic formula of mayhem with recognizable Mario characters, bringing new twists to the classic game of soccer.

With so many special moves and abilities at each character’s disposal that can completely change the feel of the game, players may find it difficult to keep track of the ball, let alone where their player-controller characters are on the field. Luckily, Nintendo has implemented a visual-assist mode in an attempt to solve this issue, without taking away from any of the action meant to spice-up a traditional soccer game.

Screengrab via Nintendo

This mode can be turned on simply by venturing to the Options menu and sliding the option for “Visual-Assist Mode” to “on.” Doing this will place floating shapes of different colors over all of the characters on the field, making it easy to distinguish between which players are on what team. Characters with the ball will have giant circles of the same color appear beneath them. Should this change be too jarring for players, it can easily be turned off by clicking the option again.

The roster of characters in Mario Strikers: Battle League currently consists of notable faces like Mario, Peach, and Bowser, though will likely grow as future updates are expected for the game. Players can purchase the newest entry in the Mario Striker series via the Nintendo eShop or through select gaming retailers.