How to play multiplayer with friends in V Rising

Playing with your friends is easy.

Image via Stunlock Studios

V Rising is a new open-world survival game that allows players to create and control a vampire as they hunt down enemies and bosses, build castles across the world, and ensure their survival by crafting the best weapons and items. You can take on the world by yourself or team up with friends to rule over the domain as you see fit.

There are a few ways to play multiplayer with friends in V Rising, so make sure to pick the right option with your friend group. 

Screenshot via Stunlock Studios

When you press the Play option in V Rising, you’ll encounter three options: Online Play, Private Game, and Host Dedicated Server. You can play with friends by selecting any of these choices, but a few distinctions should be known before diving into a game. 

Online Play presents a list of available PvE and PvP servers. You can coordinate with friends to pick the same server, allowing you to explore the world among other online players. But this also means you’ll encounter strangers, which might not be the experience your group is looking for. 

A Private Game allows you to host your own world where you can invite friends and not worry about other players ruining the fun. You can also host a dedicated server, creating an online server that you can fine-tune to your liking and allow other players to join in the fun. But this is a premium option requiring players to rent a dedicated server or run a server on their PC. 

Consider these options with your friends and decide which is the best choice for your group. Feel free to experiment with the options as needed.